Funny / Ground Control

Ground Control

  • From Ground Control 1, towards the end of the Order campaign:
    Jared Stone: (Finishing his summation of the consequences of failure) "...unleashing a wave of fire and death across the whole galaxy!"
    Sarah Parker: *wolf whistles* "Well, you are a charmer. A simple 'we'd be screwed' would have done it."

Ground Control 2

  • The very first cinematic in campaign mode sees an NSA soldier caught admiring a woman lingerie shop when CSS Astrid's beacon landed on him.
  • In Viron campaign of Ground Control 2, Angelus spends time commanding Virons. Then Drahk'Mar jokes that he might have the honor of commanding human troops in the future.
    • It's even funnier considering that in the NSA mission "Push", you can actually give him your units to command.
  • The NSA dropship in Ground Control II, statistically one of the more stronger unit in the game when fully upgraded, boast some funny lines.
    NSA Dropship: (Returning to base) "Copy that. Later losers."
  • From the 11th mission in GCII where you need to rescue Dr. Alice Mc Neal from the terrans, General Warhurst's rant when he busts Angelus is priceless.
    Warhurst: "CAPTAIN!! What the HELL do you think you are doing?!"
    Warhurst: "Dammit, Angelus! You better survive this, as I will personally break one bone in your body for every piece of NSA equipment you lose out there! Warhurst! Out!!"
    Alice: (After Warhurst finishes his rant) "In a bit of a snit, wasn't he?"