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Funny: Grimm


  • If you know German, the names of the wesen are always good for a chuckle. The pronunciation makes it even better.

Season 1

  • An early glimpse at Monroe: He goes outside to...mark his territory.
  • Monroe is quite a reliable source of these, with his constant irritation over being roped into acting as Nick's partner regarding the supernatural. "I was in the middle of Pilates!"
  • In "Bears Will Be Bears" the family whose home was invaded has a neighbor. The neighbors' name? the Colberts.
  • From "Danse Macabre": (Arresting some students who killed a music teacher.)
    Sgt. Wu: Somebody had to.
  • Also from "Danse Macabre", when Nick placed a fake rat on the pizza box to fool Hank. He warns of payback.
  • Another one from "Danse Macabre": The refrigerator repairman. Nick's reaction is equally hilarious. As the repairman proceeds to freak out over having found his way into the home of a Grimm, Nick simply gives him a somewhat bewildered raise of an eyebrow. He shows up again in "Let Your Hair Down" with several of his friends. They end up acting like teenagers in a horror movie. And once more in "Island of Dreams", delivering a quilt and a cherry pie, as well as repairing a doorknob and assuring Nick that he's doing what he can to keep other Wesen out of Nick's hair.
    • The entire scene in "Tarantella" where Nick goes to confront Bud and John in their house. The way Nick plays up the terrifying Grimm act and how Bud and John are desperately trying to keep on Nick's good side was hilarious.
  • Again, from "Danse Macabre":
    Det. Griffin: How does a kid do something like that?
    Det. Griffin: Yeah, I know that, but how did he get all those rats to attack those kids?
  • From "Game Ogre":
    Monroe: (Talking about the creature of the week) Fortunately, they're very rare, but if you ever run across one...
    Nick: (Who's in a hospital bed after being smacked senseless by the Ogre) *Death Glare*
    Monroe: (Awkwardly) Well... I guess you... have.
    • Monroe agrees to help take down the Ogre ("Okay, he said, somewhat tenuously") and visits Marie's trailer. He finds the poison ("Gift is German for poison, which I always thought was weird around Christmas time..."), and takes a whiff ("Ooh, that's gonna stick with me for a while!"). Finally, he opens the weapons cabinet... and gets this big-eyed look of ":D" awe on his face ("This is... awesome!")
    • The episode title.
  • Monroe's disparaging remarks about the mouse people, ending with the comment "And that cartoon thing they have going on? Pft, what a racket!"
  • Monroe pissed off at Nick for not having a normal human conversation.
  • Monroe's false start with the...train thing, and his minor freakout as he realizes he's going to be facing what's basically a dragon without a plan.
  • Once again, Monroe provides the funny in "The Thing with Feathers" when he gets offended by Nick calling Rosalee instead of him.
    • Rosalee lampshades it when Monroe (mildly) protests Nick calling her by telling them to do 'their thing' later when there isn't an emergency.
  • Captain Renard stares lovingly at a centuries-old picture of a woman, and owns that he find it prettier than Adalind, since she belonged to his family, and then, starts telling Adalind about his capital plans. Adalind's departure line ? "I think she's fat. ".
  • "Love Sick": When Wu is given the antidote for his illness, he literally goes red like a tomato.
    • And as they wonder whether the cure worked, he spits out the carpet he was eating and it hits Rosalee in the face. Complete with a *ping* sound effect. Pretty sure everyone involved thought it was funny since it looked like Rosalee's actress was attempting very hard not to break out in laughter when the carpet hit her in the face.
    • And then the poor guy realizes he’s surrounded by strangers (and one coworker) in his apartment while in his boxers. There’s a reason Butt Monkey was added to the guy's character sheet after this episode.
  • After all the drama of the big fight between Nick and Adalind, we get the aftermath of Monroe and Rosalee tending to Hank, and Monroe asking Nick how they're going to explain the presence of two random people in the bedroom of what the muggle (Hank) thinks is his girlfriend's house while he’s probably naked under those sheets. The sheer awkwardness of that situation is just made of cringe humor. (Too bad we don’t see it on screen)
  • Monroe having dinner at Nick's. The sheer awkwardness of the whole thing is so excruciatingly embarrassing that it's hilarious.
  • A small one but as Rosalee and Monroe work on paralyzing a cat, Monroe makes various remarks about how Blutbaden don't really work well with pets and how they should just use a 2x4 to knock the cat out. Rosalee just gives him the funniest aside glance.
  • Wu's response to finding a bunch of dead teens in the woods that neatly wraps up all the previous guesses Hank, Juliette, the farmer and Nick made. "Well, it's obvious these murders were committed by a barefoot man carrying a wolf!"
  • Again, in Big Feet: Larry dies, and Nick and Monroe move to body to the woods. After they lay down the body, Monroe gives a small speech which ends with this exchange:
    Monroe: Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.
    Nick: That sounded really beautiful. What does it mean?
    Monroe:Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.

Season 2

  • In "Bad Teeth" Monroe comments on how bloody his family reunions get, and that at the last one they lost two cousins and a sheepdog. "Nobody cared about the cousins."
  • In "Quill" the really spacey way Rosalee say that she’s infected “with love”.
  • Also during "Quill", the whole scene with Adalind's cat: from the part where we see it on the ceiling, to where it's let outside, followed shortly by the sound of a crashing vehicle and a screech. Rosalee and Monroe decide not to check what happened.
  • The sheer visual oddity of seeing a Blutbad (wolf Wesen) leading a flock of Seelenguter (sheep Wesen).
  • Hank's reaction to finally seeing Monroe in his proper Blutbad game face. He jumps backwards, knocking his chair over, as Monroe woges back, then starts trying to placate him. Hank picks his chair up, sits back down, and says in an air of childlike wonder/fascination "Could ya do it again?"
  • Hank's reaction to Nick admitting he does have a crossbow and then showing him the Wall of Weapons in the trailer.
    Hank: You have got to be kidding me?!
  • Monroe's subplot in "La Llarona". You can see the ending from a mile away, but it is no less satisfying.
  • Wu vs. Renard:
    Renard: (after accepting an award) "To be honest, I really don't like these things. Always feels like I'm getting the credit for other people's work."
    Wu: "Well, you are" Beat "Well, he is."
    Renard: (EPIC Death Glare) "I'm sorry. What precinct do you work at, again, sergeant?"
    Wu: (takes the hint) "I'll go buy you another drink, Sir."
  • Bud the Eisbeber gives Nick AND Hank hugs after saving him from a wannabe Grimm.
  • This exchange:
    Wendigo (being beaten up by Nick at the end of the episode): You're a Grimm?!
  • After a long series of dramatic events in "Face Off", including Juliette and Renard nearly engaging in Destructo-Nookie, Nick and his friends finding out about Renard being a royal, and Renard stealing the key and then giving it back to Nick to propose an alliance, we get a scene where Nick and Renard both show up at Juliette's doorstep and she responds with a completely deadpan "now what?"
    • When Monroe suggests finding Adalind's mother to figure out how to reverse the mojo on Juliette and Renard, Nick replies that they can't because she's dead. Because his mother killed her. Monroe's dejected half-sigh says it all;
    Monroe: Why?!
  • The last episode of the calendar year, ending in the most dramatic fashion possible. It fades to black to reveal the words: To Be Continued ..... Sorry.
    • All of Monroe's attempts to be supportive and helpful to Nick in all this is a cross between funny and heartwarming. He's trying so darn hard, but he's so darn flustered by it all.
    • Renard's wry commentary when Nick drinks the potion
    Nick: (Having done it and feeling fine) Was that it?
    Renard: No.
    (Nick doubles over)
    Renard: That's it.
  • Monroe and Renard finally meet in "The Other Side". Just seeing their personalities come together is GOLD, but especially this bit:
    Renard: I need something for obsessive behavior.
    Monroe: Okay, now just to be clear: do you have obsessive behavior or you WANT obsessive behavior? 'Cause we can deal with both...
    Renard: No, it needs to go away.
    Monroe: All right. I have to ask you a couple of questions to find out exactly what we're dealing with here. Are these feelings for a person or an animal?
    Renard: (Death Glare)
    Monroe: Sorry. I have to be thorough.
    Renard: A PERSON.
  • In "Mr. Sandman", Monroe, Nick, Rosalee, and Hank are having dinner together, discussing the goings on with Juliette and Renard. Monroe gets up to get some more wine, then asks if anyone else wants some too. Cue three glasses all being held out for refills in unison.
  • From "One Angry Fuchsbau", the whole incident with Monroe chasing the frog.
    • From the same episode, the final scene where the Zeigevolk lawyer is seeing each member of the Grimm gang and responding to each with a shocked, "You!" And then there's Bud:
      Bud: Oh, are you doing?
    • And there's Bud trying to get the handkerchief back.
      Bud: My wife gave me that handkerchief for my birthday. On Christmas. My birthday's on Christmas, just like Jesus.
    • The whole scheme is just one long CMOF with commercial breaks in between.
  • In "Volcanalis", Nick, Renard, and Wu all ganging up on Hank and "forcing" him to go on vacation was both hilarious and sweet. The lei around his neck was the icing on the cake.
  • Nick wants to enter a trailer when the owner is away. He starts to open it himself when...
    Monroe: Don't you need a warrant for that?
    Nick: You're right. (beat) You open it.
    Monroe: Oh... okay...
    • Same episode gives us "Nick: Moment Killer" when he comes in at precisely the wrong time for Monroe and Rosalee.
  • Monroe very mistakenly gives a pregnant Wesen in hard labor his hand to hold onto. Cue cracking bones and Monroe doing his best to keep a manly expression.
  • When Monroe tells Bud that Juliette wants to see a woge, Bud reacts like this:
    Bud: She's know! And he's been very clear about...YOU KNOW! And we just can't...YOU KNOW!
  • Each time Monroe is about to woge for Juliette, somebody comes up with a reason to put it off. When she inquires about it:
    Monroe: I take some getting used to.
  • By contrast, when Bud woges for her, even though she doesn't say anything her expression shows she thinks he's adorably cute.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that he didn't do it on purpose. He was just so freaked out by the idea of woging for her that he did it on accident!
  • The season 2 finale ends with ''To be continued. Oh, come on. You knew this was coming.''

Season 3

  • Poor Sgt. Wu having to fight back the zombies with the rest of the cops.
    Wu: I think we've got most of them... (body SPLATS in front of him) ...handled.
  • Similar to the season 2 finale, the first episode of the new season ends with a cliffhanger and the blurb - This ain't over yet
  • Adalind's trials. Just when the poor woman thinks she's done the last icky-gross thing to get her powers back, Stefania gives her a new thing to do. It's only better for those who consider Adalind a less beloved character than most.
  • Hank sees Monroe AND Captain Renard woge at the same time. It's the first time he's ever seen Renard's hideous Game Face. He stares at Renard.
    Renard: You okay?
    Hank: I wish I could do that!
  • The Serial-Killer Killer in "El Cucuy" is a 77-year old Cool Old Lady who acts completely casual during the entire episode's events, even when soaked in blood and sitting in an interrogation room. It has to be seen to believed.
    Mrs. Garcia: Ay chihuahua, you're a Grimm!
    • Nick's face when he discovers who it is, seriously, pause it on his face after she shifts back to normal. Renard's face looking at the culprit through the two-way mirror at the police station is just as priceless.
    Renard: Are you kidding me?
    • Same episode, the way that the whole Grimm gang (minus Renard) are sitting in Monroe's house having a meal and talking about the different mauling techniques of wesen as if its the most mundane thing ever, while looking at the crime scene photos.
    • When El Cucuy has been captured and is sitting in the interrogation room, she says that she must be off, as she's done her duty. Hank stares at her and says "Do you really think we're going to let you go?!" El Cucuy simply looks at him with a Slasher Smile and says sweetly "I don't think you really have a choice." Cue Hank and Nick looking awkwardly at each other, then giving tiny nods and scurrying out.
    • Monroe's mum finding out about him and Rosalee.
      • It's not even really her reaction to the news that is so funny, so much as Monroe and Rosalee's awkward and mildly uncomfortable reactions to the realization that "Oh yeah, we need to tell our parents about us. Crap."
  • In "Things We Tell Our Young" Nick and Hank are getting a primer in wesen genetics from Monroe and Rosalee. When the topic turns to different wesen types having children we get this exchange:
    Nick: We don't mean to pry.
    Hank: Yes we do.
  • Renard being forced to escape through the sewers after his safe house is attacked. Renard resembles nothing so much as a very irritated cat.
  • Wu talking about how his uncle told him there were alligators in the sewer. "And I peed in the bathtub the entire time I was there - you would have done the same!" He says the last bit with the exact same intonation as the first, like it's the most normal thing in the world.
  • Juliette is super-excited to help Monroe decorate for Christmas, until he accidentally lets slip that there are 42 boxes of decorations.
  • Although the situation is anything but funny there's a small moment where Nick realizes that Juliette's friend who's staying over is a fuchsbau but she doesn't see that he's a Grimm. Juliette's confused look is priceless:
  • Same episode, after Nick, Hank and Wu have to have decontamination showers and their clothes incinerated, they're seen walking back into the department in those sterol onesies and shoe covers. Listen carefully and you can hear the theme park version of the Ghostbusters theme song play in the background as they walk in.
    • The fact that one of the cops even says "Who ya gonna call?", as he is passing by the trio makes it even more hilarious.
  • Juliette giving Joe a well placed Groin Attack when he tries to drag Alicia away.
  • In The Wild Hunt, Monroe and Rosalee talk about their first times.... performing a woge. Rosalee first says it was with her brother, which is deemed embarrassing, and Monroe's is said to be with his mother, which is deemed better by comparison. Until the actual context of the situation is explained, it sounds so incredibly wrong and Crosses the Line Twice.
  • At the end of The Wild Hunt . . .Oh #?$%!!!!!! To Be Continued
  • When Viktor is informed that Renard had relations with both Adalind and her mother (but not at the same time, mind) he reacts with "That's... sort of impressive."
  • Monroe telling Nick that his favorite childhood book had a Grimm surrounded by Wildesheer, and that the Grimm never survives. Nick gives him a long flat look.
  • In "Mommy Dearest", Monroe, Rosalee, Nick, and Hank are looking for the case's wesen in the trailer.
    Monroe: Pick it up right before the "and then I cut off his head" part.
    Nick: ... Alright. "snuck down a putrid alley...vetted smell of blood...cut off its..." ...okay too far.
  • In "Synchronicity"
    • When Adalind realizes she just was taken to Nick's house for protection, she mutters "Oh God."
    • And Nick and his mother:
    Nick: I guess she doesn't know who you are either because you killed her mother.
    Kelly: Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that.
    • And
    Nick: Did you kill the driver?
    Kelly: Why would I do that?
    Nick: Just checking.
    • Adalind relaying the story to Renard is worth a chuckle too.
    Renard: Where's the woman who's supposed to be protecting you?
    Adalind: That's an interesting story... Turns out that woman? She's Nick's mother. [...] Imagine my surprise.
    Renard: Did she know who you were?
    Adalind: If she had, she wouldn't have taken me to Nick's house. Imagine their surprise.
    • Also, Nick explaining Renard to his mom.
  • Hank gets a moment in "Law of Sacrifice" when he's that Adalin's child belongs to Renard.
    Hank: [Adalind] has a baby? You're kidding me.
    Nick: Nope!
    Hank: When did this happen? I mean, when did she give birth? I mean... how old is the baby?
    Juliette: It's not yours.
    Hank: Thank god. I mean... thank god. That's not a woman you wanna have a baby with.
    (Kelly looks on, slightly amused)
    Hank: Who's the idiot father?
    Nick: The captain.
    (Hank is surprised)
    Kelly: Popular, this Adalind.
    Juliette: That's one way to look at it.
  • In "The Inheritance":
    • Trubel and Rolek Porter are talking around each other, feeling each other out before using the word "Grimm" while Josh looks on not understanding it at all.
    • The group look that Team Grimm gets on their collective faces when Josh Porter wonders if they're all crazy.
  • In the season 3 finale "Blond Ambition" Rosalee's sister gets blind drunk and destroys their grandmother's wedding dress, saying she's "saving" Rosalee because she got married in it twice and both marriages bombed. The next morning she wakes up hung over and horrified, only to have Monroe let her off the hook by telling her that he and Rosalee hated the dress anyway.
    • Earlier, at the wedding rehearsal, the minister asks why Nick is wearing sunglasses (to keep wesen who don't know him from seeing that he's a Grimm), and everyone starts talking over each other to make up excuses for why he needs them.


  • Sasha Roiz and David Giuntoli (Renard and Nick's actors respectively)'s twitters. David refers to himself as a "newborn elf" and tweets like a kid on a sugar rush, while Sasha is quite amicable and witty, and has set his twitter wallpaper... to unicorns and rainbows.
    • Roiz once responded to a tweet lamenting that due to him being behind a desk, he probably wouldn't be able to be shirtless. He replied, "But it ups the chance of being pantless"! Cue fangirl squee and swoon.
    • Becomes even funnier when, in "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", Renard DOES have a shirtless scene!
    • Speaking of fangirl squee, one of David's tweets answered two popular questions: no, his costar Silas didn't have twitter, and yes, he would marry us.
    • Roiz has tweeted (in response to David's shirtless scenes) "I won't stoop to his level. Conversely [sic], I won't be held accountable if "Captain No Pants" makes an appearance."
    • During recent episodes, where Renard is in Vienna: "The Captain knows how to pack a duffel bag!" and "Bubbles make everything better. #perrier"
  • These! They're so cute!
    • Unfortunately there haven't been any new ones since May 2013, as the artists have moved on to drawing Teen Wolf characters.
  • In a cast interview about their favourite episodes, Bitsie Tulloch (sitting beside David Giuntoli, who plays Nick) gleefully chirped that "Game Ogre" and "The Thing With Feathers" were her favourite episodes, then realized (as Giuntoli gave her an aside glance) that that meant that she liked the one where she rejected Nick, and the one with Nick getting sent to the hospital after being beaten to within an inch of his life. Whoops!
  • This blurb from the website of Christian Lagadec (Sebastian): "If asked "Have you always wanted to be an actor?" he can only tell you that maybe he has, although as a child he knew he also wanted to be a waiter, a bartender, a park ranger, a secret agent, a sociopath, a sculptor, an athlete, a cartoonist, a writer, a knight, a pianist, a singer, a dancer, a victim, a magician, a physicist, a thief, a teacher, a therapist, and a translator. Everything considered, he chose acting as a professional shortcut."
    • His reply on Twitter to someone who apologized for possibly offending him: "You can't offend a Frenchman!"
    • Also, when fans expressed surprise over seeing him cozying up with the actress who plays Frau Pech and the actor who plays Bud: "She smelled like bonbons. Bud and I couldn't resist."
    • He tweeted this video to Sasha Roiz, with the comment "Very graceful, Renard."
    • Really, you could probably just close your eyes and point at a random tweet of his and it would be incredibly funny.
      • For example, this image of him catching the "tart thief" in the act!
  • This behind the scenes photo of David Giuntoli.

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