Funny / Grief Syndrome

  • If Madoka and Homura are the only magical girls who survive, they get hitched, much to Madoka's dismay. Homura's the groom with Madoka being her (unfortunate) bride.
    • Sakaya and Kyoko also get married too, if they're the only ones that survived. Sayaka's the groom and Kyoko's the bride to be.
  • Some of the ending sequences if certain characters die are darkly amusing. For instance, if Sayaka is the only casualty, the ending shows Kyouko sharing ramen with Oktavia von Seckendorf. If only Madoka dies, the ending portrays Kreimhild Gretchen as a giant chibi Madoka. If both of the above are killed off, the ending shows Kyouko and Homura with giant plush toys of their respective Witch forms (including the aforementioned Gretchen as giant chibi)... and Mami holding what is either a Charlotte plushie or the genuine article.
  • Having completed lap 26 my two friends and I died laughing just watching as the counter went all the way to 677. With "What the hey!" attitude we went into the lap and reveled at the now insanely tough mooks and spent an eternity fighting the one extremely tough one, three magical girls throwing everything at a helpless enemy and doing absolutely nothing to it for at least six entire minutes.