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Funny: Grey Knights
  • Bjorn the Fell-Handed gets some really great and funny lines when he shows up near the end of The Emperor's Gift.
    • After meeting Lord Inquisitor Kysnaros and his accompanying fleet of warships:
    Bjorn: "What brings you into the night sky above Fenris, and why shouldn't I break your little fleet into tiny pieces with this castle's many, many guns?"
    • After Kysnaros expresses shock that he walked when the Emperor still lived:
    Bjorn: "Walked, ran, pissed and killed. I did it all. I met the Allfather, you know. Fought at his side more than once. I do believe he liked me."
    • Preparing to leave after teleporting on board the Grey Knights vessel and bringing hostilities to an end:
    Bjorn: "I have never, in all my years, stepped into a teleporter before now. No wonder Russ hated them so much. If I still had skin, it would be crawling."
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