Funny / Grey DeLisle

  • This little gem from her Tumblr:
    "Just overheard 2 guys discussing A:TLA at Best Buy. I couldn’t help but wander into the adjacent aisle, just out of view, and convincingly shout “Ty Lee! Find me season 2 of “16 and Pregnant” or may you NEVER RISE FROM THE ASHES OF YOUR SHAME AND HUMILIATION!!!” We’re friends now."
  • Aya Likes Big Butts. That is all.
  • The picture submitted for use on The Other Wiki. Which they actually used.
  • Many of her facebook posts
  • She once did a Dramatic Reading of Fifty Shades of Grey. As Azula. In character. She reads about a minute and a half worth of text, skims ahead, and stops when she feels what she's about to read is lame.
  • This show of Evil Is Petty that sounds like something Azula would do. It got her on a list of Internet jerks (#20).
    "The kid behind me at Starbucks got way too excited about the last pumpkin I ordered it."