Funny / Gravity

  • As the chain reaction of destroyed satellites is growing, Kowalski quips "Half of North America just lost their Facebook".note 
  • As Stone finally gets out of the wrecked Soyuz and heads to the Tiangong, she says the three words that anyone in the same situation would be thinking:
    Stone: I hate space.
  • "Now that we have some distance between us, you're attracted to me, right?"
  • Marvin the Martian's statue.
  • Shariff's victory dance.
    Kowalski: He appears to be doing some form of the Macarena.
  • This exchange early on in the movie:
    Kowalski: "Do you copy?"
    Stone: "Fuck!"
    Kowalski: "Copy that."
  • How much do Chinese love ping-pong? Well, in the Tiangong, there are ping-pong paddles floating around.
  • Kowalsky, having disappeared into the void twenty minutes earlier, re-appears very much alive and hitches a ride in the Tiangong escape capsule. He brought the vodka. Especially memorable for audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival, who were on the floor in hysterics.
  • At the opening of the film, when Kowalksi keeps trying to tell stories, and Houston points out that he's told them all before. Multiple times.
  • Stone trying to figure out the Shenzhou's control panel, which is made up of about a hundred buttons - all labelled in Chinese.
    Stone: Ah... okay, uh... undocking, undocking... um... ahh... eeny meeny...
    She pushes a button. High-pitched alarms and red lights activate.
    Stone: Okay, that doesn't sound good. Miny... mo...
    She pushes a different button. An electronic voice starts speaking.
    Stone: Ah, no habla chino!