Funny / Grant Morrison's Batman

  • Damian didn't know about the rocket.
  • In the aftermath of the police station assault by the Circus of the Strange, Dick is frantically searching for Damian. He finds Damian "interrogating" Big Top (a bearded lady version of the Blob) by basically sticking her head in a small bucket and whacking it with a stick. It's so over-the-top mean spirited that it's kind of hilarious.
  • 'Sexy disco hot' and the following dance sequence from Pyg is hilarious as it is disturbing.
    Damian: just redefined wrong.
  • Batman vs. The Red Hood:
    Batman (Dick Grayson): Don't make me humiliate you in front of your new girlfriend.
    Red Hood: SHE'S NOT MY--
    Batman: *slams his head into the ground* Backstory. Not interested.
  • "What is it about the sombrero? Some things are just naturally funny."
  • "Anyway, what's the problem? Haven't you ever been mind controlled by a gorilla?"
  • Batman invites Catwoman to go on an adventure with him in Japan. She agrees, one one condition: so long as it doesn't involve water. As they work the case, they end up in a comic shop where Selina is repulsed by tentacle porn. At the end of the issue, a hostage is dropped into a tank full of water (and also a horrible tentacle monster), with only Catwoman available to rescue her.
    Catwoman: What was the ONE THING?
  • Gordon in Batman and Robin #16. "Get me some clothes and DON'T EVEN ASK!"
  • The banana peel.
  • Batman on a thinly veiled version of CBR spreading ridiculous rumors about himself.
  • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome in certain aspects, but in Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!, three of the teachers at the school for super villains that Stephanie Brown is investigating are unnamed expies of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. The headmistress is Madonna
  • Alfred explaining that he feeds gourmet food to the bats in the Batcave.
  • This cover, with short little Damian on the far right trying to get into frame.
    Frazer Irving: This is my idea of a joke.