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Funny: GoodFellas
  • The aforementioned violence, obviously. Also, when Henry gives Karen a huge wad of shopping money, and she immediately drops to her knees, and his response is, "Oh, okay..."
  • "You mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?"
    • "I almost had him!"
    • "You really are a funny guy!"
      • "OH, THAT'S IT, HENRY!"
  • Jimmy and Henry are in Morrie's wig shop, trying to get back some money they lent him while a commercial he made (apparently with said money) is playing on a continuous loop boasting about how his wigs never come off. While Henry pleads with the poor guy, Jimmy stands back and quietly watches the commercial, slowly getting more and more pissed off. Finally he explodes and begins to strangle Morrie with the telephone cord.... causing his wig to fall off! Henry bursts out laughing.
  • "They must really feed each other to lions down there because the guy gave the money right up."
  • "[Tommy] would kill me if I even looked at another man." "Great!"
  • The reburying of Billy Batts. Henry is about to throw up so Tommy and Jimmy keep trolling him.
    Jimmy: Look Henry, here's an arm, here's a leg...
    Tommy: Here's a wing!!! (the two laugh at the witticism)
  • Shortly after getting married, Henry returns home drunk late one night only for Karen's mother to start nagging him for staying out all night and he immediately turns around back to his car only for Tommy to start repeating all the nagging.
  • At his son's birthday party Jimmy, the hitman, thief and extortionist, is wearing little conical birthday cap. Better yet he's the only adult wearing one.

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