Funny / Golden Sun: The Abridged Series

  • Mia making the Imil kids cry, and then shrugging off their sadness with a nonchalant "Well, I'm all set.". Even Isaac thinks it's going too far... and what's what makes it so great.
  • Ivan speaks tree. And it works.
  • The cross-pollination scene. This includes Garet (and the rest of the team) not getting the joke until it's too late.
  • The kraken.
  • While the gang are in the Lakaman Desert:
    '''Mia: "Oh man, it is really really hot"
    Issac: "Well it's no wonder Mrs. Eskimo coat."
    Garet: "Yea, take it off. You'll get heat stroke"
    Mia: "I can't"
    Issac: "Why not?"
    Mia: "It's because of my body. It's apparently the hottest in the game! If anybody takes one look at it then there would be no telling what would happen! That's why I wear a ridiculous amount of clothing all the time and never take it off!
    Issac: "Oh come on, you're overexagerating."
    Mia: "My body turned Alex straight when I wore my swimsuit."
    The Hotness overload! Overload!
    Garet: "Woah"
    Issac: "Hey you think you can turn Ivan straight?"
    Ivan: "I AM NOT GAY!"