[[folder:Golden Sun: The Broken Seal]]
* While fleeing for safety during the prologue, Isaac and Garet come across a man lying on the ground who asks them if he's going to die. If you answer yes he'll give up and stay there, but if you say no then he will leap to his feet and realize that he's actually suffered no harm whatsoever and he just imagined being hurt.
* Garet's first scene after the prologue has him training with Move Psynergy by pushing a large rock along the ground. It's only until later if you revisit the spot that you find out that Garet pushed the stone onto his sister's flowers.
* Isaac fixes his mother's roof using Psynergy and since he's still inexperienced with using it the act wears him out. Then Garet comes along and accidentally knocks out two of the three holes that Isaac just fixed...
* Kraden acting as giddy as a school girl upon entering Sol Sanctum and then later when he is about to get to study the Elemental Stars.
* After declaring that the terrain in the sanctum of the Elemental Stars is dangerous to be jumping around on, what does Jenna suggest on how to get the Stars? Make the boys do it!
-->'''Kraden:''' Oh I couldn't ask....would you mind? \\

* After narrowly escaping a fiery death from an erupting Mt. Aleph, Isaac and Garet see their families and fellow villagers waiting for them at the bottom of the mountain. It's possible for Isaac and Garet to try and ''go back up into an erupting volcano'' at this point rather than face the wrath of their elders.
* Isaac and Garet's retelling of their adventure in Sol Sanctum to Vale's mayor and elders. There are no words, but it comes across as comical, especially when the two of them start running circles around each other.
* When Flint, the first Djinni, offers to join the group you can try to turn him down. However he will just keep insisting that you take him and get more and more desperate before finally forcing [[ButThouMust his way into your party.]]
* Mia, who up to this point has been built up as the stereotypical WhiteMagicianGirl, snarking at Babi in Altmiller Cave out of nowhere.
* Isaac peered into the wardrobe in [=Lady McCoy=]'s room...
-->... [[KleptomaniacHeroFoundUnderwear There's a silk negligee.]]\\
Isaac! [[PantyThief Put that back!]]
* At Lama Temple, if you mind read two monks meditating, the following ensues.
--> '''Meditating guy's thoughts:''' ... ... ... I sense impure thoughts from the man next to me!\\
'''Other Meditating guy's thoughts:''' ... ... ... I am hungry.
* The 4 koma has [[http://golden-sun-the-lost-comics.tumblr.com/post/112710043712/im-just-saying this]] interpretation of the effects of the Lamakan desert on the mind.
* Using reveal on a AntLionMonster while searching for an oasis in the Lamakan Desert to cool off will have Isaac suffer an OhCrap expression as he slowly slinks down into a battle. Meanwhile the Ant Lion will get a heart over its head in delight at its upcoming meal.
* Using the Psynergy "Force" on the wall in the Altin mines. Even better, [[ReversePsychology the only reason you do it]] is probably that there's a sign saying [[SchmuckBait "Danger! Do Not Touch The Wall!"]] It gets even better if you didn't pick up the Orb of Force, in which case [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEResSMXL-4 Garet walks up and kicks the wall instead.]]
* Tell Garet you know what the Wise One is in the Sanctum of the Elemental Stars.
--->'''Garet:''' I know it's a rock, stupid! ''[implying that was what Isaac thought]''


[[folder:Golden Sun: The Lost Age]]

* When the party in leaves Lemuria for the Great Western Sea, Sheba asks Piers how old he is (she feels they haven't given him the proper respect for his age since he is [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld really freaking old]]), but he declines to answer, feeling it is not important. Jenna joins Sheba in the pestering of the question and teases Piers, causing him to beg Felix to get the girls to stop pestering him. Felix's reply? [[HeroicMime "...."]]
* Felix peering into a wardrobe gets more than he bargained for:
--> Felix peeked into the wardrobe... What in-!!! What's with all the wardrobes? Where are all the baths?
* A well-hidden EasterEgg: if Felix keeps saying no in the game's various yes/no choices, or just generally disagrees with Kraden for most of the game, when they reach [[spoiler:Lemuria]], Felix would be ill-advised to say no yet ''again''...
-->'''Kraden:''' "What!? Are you INSANE!? Or maybe you think you're funny? Because you're not! Maybe this whole quest is just a game to you, but it's not to me! Are you bored!? Do you want to go home!? FINE! That's it! Then let's go home!"
* When Jenna delivers this priceless line:
-->'''Jenna:''' Can't you stop talking about yourself for one second, Alex?
* Briggs' parting words after [[spoiler:he stole the ship that your group had just repaired]]. Say it with me, kids!
-->'''Briggs:''' Neener neener neener! Neener neener neener! Neener neener... [[EyelidPullTaunt bleah!]]
* At the beginning of the game, several workmen and soldiers ambush Jenna, Kraden and Alex. Alex handles the soldiers, leaving Kraden and Jenna to discuss going through the workmen.
--> '''Kraden:''' Fortunately, there are only these workmen standing in our way. And fortunately...\\
'''Jenna:''' They don't look too tough.\\
'''Workman (after looking at one another):''' [[ImStandingRightHere Hello! We can hear you!!!]]\\
'''Other workman:''' That's just plain rude!
* When you first control Felix, the game asks if you want to check yourself for injuries (consider that this is after diving from a huge tower into the sea, swimming towards a nearby island, then survivng the island getting hit by a tidal wave). Felix waves each limb in turn. The chibi sprites makes it an amusing sight.
--> Looks like both arms are still attached. That's a good start.\\
The legs are working fine, too. Yup. You're fine!
* The [[ShipTease scene that launched a thousand fics]] in Madra where Felix's groups talk about what to do about Isaac's group pursuing them.
-->'''Sheba:''' But Jenna, aren't [[ChildhoodFriendRomance you and Isaac an item?]]. Couldn't you, you know, do something?\\
'''Jenna:''' ([[LuminescentBlush Turning red as a Mars Djinn.)]] A... An item? No! I mean... It's not like that! Not... really......Stupid Sheba...