!Episode 1
* When Madame President destroys Kintaro's notes.
-->'''Kintaro''': ...Those were my notes...those notes were more valuable than my life! Money can't replace that kind of knowledge! THOSE NOTES WERE PRICELESS! (''realizes he's showing her the notes he made of her, including his erotic doodles'') ...'''''[[OhCrap OH, SHIT!]]'''''
* Kintaro [[PowerWalk walking menacingly]] towards some Yakuza harassing an old couple that had helped him earlier...then abruptly walking into an alley away from them.
* C-Base! C-Base! The "black bra" scene as well.
* Kintaro getting [[MegatonPunch knocked out]] in slow motion.

!Episode 2
* Naoko's internal monologue.
--> What a typical man, always thinking about sex.
* [[BitchInSheepsClothing Naoko]] has a change of heart after setting up Kintaro for sexual assault, but not before he has been pummelled almost beyond recognition by her father's henchmen. His response:
--> '''Kintaro:''' I wish you had been sorry a little quicker.
* Kintaro's [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Homer]]-like screams.
* It may be vulgar, but it's hilarious when Kintaro's hand takes the shape of a penis.
-->'''Kintaro''': [[ItMakesSenseInContext If only my hand was my penis~!]]
* Naoko's internal monologue as she [[TheTease teases]] Kintaro.
-->'''Naoko''': Aww, look at that boner! [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud Boioioioioing!]]

!Episode 3
* Kogure's [[ItMakesSenseInContext unintentional make-out session]] with Kintaro.
-->'''Kintaro:''' [[ColorFailure White out...]]
** Kintaro zipping and buttoning Noriko back up after Kogure tries to undress her.
* Kintaro calling Kogure an "evil weenie".
* "''' ''DATE?!?!?!'' '''"
* Kogure's description of how he seduced Noriko [[{{Squick}} (actually Kintaro)]] the previous day.
-->'''Kogure:''' The other day I got that little slut so hot she was moaning like a bitch in heat!
-->'''Kintaro:''' [[EyeTwitch Really...]]
-->'''Kogure:''' That is one seriously perverted bitch.

!Episode 4
* [[ExactWords "Sock it to me!" ]]
* Kintaro waking up outside with his underwear on his head.
* "So! How do you like my swimming?"

!Episode 5
* Kintaro, when he finds out that [[YamatoNadeshiko Reiko]] is the [[BikerBabe hot biker chick]] from the beginning of the episode.
-->'''Reiko:''' You've got an erection.
-->'''Kintaro:''' [[SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny Yeah...]]
** Also his BigYes when she says that if he wants her, all he needs to do is catch her in a race.
* [[BreakingTheFourthWall "What's he think this is, a cartoon? He's CRAZY!"]]
* The DepthDeception used when Kintaro jumps the bridge with his bike, making it look like he'll make it...then he falls about a hundred feet short of the other side.
* The fact that Kintaro keeps biking even after he's won the race and the right to get laid...not because he doesn't want to stop, but because he ''[[TooFastToStop can't.]]''

!Episode 6
* This exchange:
-->'''[[CreatorCameo Egawa]]:''' But you better make this film gripping! [[LightningFireJuxtaposition I want to grab the audience by the balls!]]
-->'''Director:''' [[LightningFireJuxtaposition I'll grab them and squeeze so hard they won't be able sit down for a year!]]