Funny / Golden Boy

  • When the computer company's president destroys Kintaro's notes.
    Kintaro: ...those were my notes...those notes were more valuable than my life! Money can't replace that kind of knowledge! THOSE NOTES WERE PRICELESS! (realizes he's showing her the notes he made of her, including his erotic doodles) ...OH, SHIT!
  • Naoko's internal monologue from episode two.
    "What a typical man; always thinking about sex."
  • In chapter 2, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Naoko has a change of heart after setting up Kintaro for sexual assault, but not before he has been pummelled almost beyond recognition by her father's henchmen. His response-
    "I was hoping you would stop them a little sooner"
  • It may be vulgar, but it's hilarious when Kintaro's hand takes the shape of a penis in episode 2.
  • C-Base! C-Base! The "black bra" scene seems to be a hit as well.
  • This exchange from Episode Six:
    Egawa: But you better make this film gripping! I wanna grab the audience by the balls!
    Director: I'll grab them and squeeze so hard they won't be able sit down for a year!
    Kintaro: Excuse me! Can I have your autograph?!