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  • The fight against the Colossus in God of War II. A giant eagle steals Kratos's powers and brings a wonder of the ancient world to life with blue lightning. By sheer determination and what's left of his powers, Kratos breaks its arms in a water wheel, launches a boulder the size of a house at its head and blinds it. He punches it in the face with its own severed hand, then slashes his way inside, and destroys it, leaping out of its mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the punchline. To rant at the gods. Thanks to this, he fails to avoid being squished like a bug by the hand of the falling giant.
  • During the battle against Hercules, Hera, quite clearly drunk off her ass, tells the two blood-soaked bruisers, as they're about to beat each other to death, "You boys play nice!" Nothing amuses her more than seeing Zeus' little bloodthirsty bastards kill each other.
  • Kratos's first words to Hermes are, "To catch a fly from the ass of Zeus is not worth my time, Hermes." Later, Hermes, upon being killed by Kratos, explodes into a swarm of flies. And Kratos smishes one.
  • The silly costumes in each game are an excellent laugh. Examples:
    • God of War has the Chef of War costume, where Kratos wears a chef's hat, white coat and wields a cleaver.
    • Also in God of War is the Cow of War costume, where Kratos wears a cow costume and his Blades of Chaos are replaced by milk bottles.
    • God of War II sees Kratos as the Cod of War, where he dresses in a giant cod costume.
    • God of War: Chains of Olympus gives access to the Mime of War, where Kratos wears mime makeup and goes unarmed, killing his foes by simply swinging his arms in their direction.
    • Also in Chains of Olympus is the Spud of War costume which has Kratos being dressed in a potato costume.
  • The scene where Kratos killed David Jaffe while congratulating the player.
  • One of the potential bits of commentary during the sex minigame in God Of War III hangs a humorous lampshade on the provocative scene:
    Handmaiden: [fondling her partner while watching Kratos off-screen] Wow, this is totally for mature audiences only!
    Other Handmaiden: Parents should not let their children watch this!
  • The Ship Captain never catches a break. He keeps running into Kratos, being humiliated or getting killed each time — killed in plural form, as Kratos has a tendency to get thrown into Hades.
  • The sex scenes in each game are funny on their own, but adding to the joke is the fact that they grow progressively over-the-tope. In Ghost of Sparta, the scene starts with Kratos grabbing two prostitutes; then, as the player inputs commands correctly, the screen starts shaking increasingly violently, and more and more prostitutes will come running to join in. When Kratos is done he will have seemingly pleasured eight or so partners... at the same time.
  • The Seen It All half-rotted guy Kratos encounters at the entrance to the Temple of Pandora in the first game. He sounds positively bored when Kratos comes by, but goes through the whole ritual because its his job to open the gate for anyone who want to try it... and then burn the remains of the idiots who fail.
  • Castor the prophet, at the onset of his battle, orders a pair of hapless, scrawny mooks to restrain Kratos and remove him from the premises. The guards are smart enough to know what's about to happen, and run like hell.
    Castor: We really must find better slave traders.
  • In his first encounter with Hephaestus in God Of War III, Kratos asks for information about the Flame Of Olympus’ whereabouts, only for the smith god to avoid the question. Kratos’ response is to wave his hand in a, “Whatever man,” manner followed by him uttering this gem:
    • The fact that Kratos raises his arms in a dramatic manner when he says this really adds to it's hilarity in one of the few non-serious moments in the series.

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