Funny / God Hand

  • God Hand has one in the very first stage: "Finally, a boss fight!" Oh, and the entire rest of the game.
    • Then, to top it all off, the credits sequence. Hearing Gene's voice actor both sing an incredibly silly song and provide his own falsetto backup was the best possible way Clover could have ended such a game.
  • The boss fight against what can only be described as Afro Pimp and his Two Bitches.
  • Gorilla Luchador. Twice.
  • Gene: (in reaction to the Mad Midget Five intro) "... Douchebags!"
    "Get your pet neutered or SPADE!"
    "You can find me at the CLUB!"
    • Then, after the fight as the MMF are somersaulting away, which is already hilarious: "Keep on rolling!"
      • What makes it hilarious is that it's not so much somersaulting as extremely pathetic looking slow-motion forward rolls.
    • Hell, the Mad Midget Five in general.
  • After meeting Azel, Gene asks Olivia about her being his fiancée which prompts her to tell Gene about Azel murdering their clan. He comforts her with a small hug as she cries and says he'll become a god to counter Azel becoming a demon. He then immediately asks what base Azel managed to get to.
  • The scene that happens when you defeat Elvis for the first time. And the second time. Not so much the third time.
  • How do you go about fighting a giant fly? Why, spin your finger until it gets dizzy. It's a cultural joke: In Japan, it's believed that you can capture dragonflies by spinning your finger in front of its eyes to make it dizzy.
  • (Commenting on a man with cymbols on his chest) "That is one loud set of man boobs."
  • After defeating Ravel for the first time, he appears to try to jump off the ship, but then simply walks over and hops off.
  • "God power keeps my pimp hand strong" — One of the most bizarre theme tunes ever.
  • "Hellish? I prefer 'Super-Tropical'!"
  • After defeating Shannon for the last time, Gene makes his way back to where he and Olivia are staying, only to find she's been kidnapped while he was away. Three goons appear and try to attack him one by one. Gene punches one out of an open window with such strength he's seen as a twinkling star. Another guy does it with the same result. The third guy tries to attack him, but Gene points his finger to him and gestures him to in front of the window. The thug stops and calmly walks over there; then he gets punched out the window.
  • Great Sensei's intro: He calmly steps out of the intra-dimensional door to his Dojo... then stumbles over the trim and slams headfirst into the ground. Gene seems more worried for his sake than intimidated.
  • Try to Ball Buster a female enemy. Just try it. It doesn't work, as Joel can attest to.
    • It also won't work on Mr. Silver. Gene responds by quipping that they "must've lost their balls in the great war."