Funny: Girls

  • The Crackcident. Shoshanna thinks she's smoked some pot on the way to the bathroom. Also serves as a Corrupt the Cutie moment.
    Ray: Did you smoke crack — little white rocks?
    Shoshanna: No! It was a glass cigarette, and I'm high — and my ears feel like popping. Do your ears feel like popping?
    Jessa: You smoked crack.
    Shoshanna: Don't tell my mom — don't even tell me.
  • When Adam takes Hannah running.
    Hannah: Endorphins don't work on me. Anyone who's ever promised me a runner's high is full of bullshit.
  • Ray, ever the Deadpan Snarker, comments on Hannah's clothes when she comes to work at his coffee shop.
    Ray: Did you bring other clothes with you?
    Hannah: No.
    Ray: Then you have to go home and change.
    Hannah: Is there a dress code I didn't know about?
    Ray: Hannah, you're wearing a white dress. You're effectively begging the world to fuck with you. You're daring a homeless person to wipe their blood on your breasts.
    Hannah: Well, we wear aprons, don't me?
    Ray: This isn't a consumptive women's hospital. We don't wear aprons. No. Forget all the BBC you watch at home with your cats and pick out an appropriate outfit. And don't do some shit where you come back wearing grey, flannel sweat pants and a Taylor Swift T-shirt to be a dick. Okay? I know all the dick moves — don't be a dick. Just — a nice cute top.
  • Elijah sneaking into the cast photo at Adam's premiere.
  • The final lines of 4x08.
    Mrs. Horvath: Your father's gay.
    Hannah: Uh.