Funny / Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

  • Episode 2: Toshikazu dodging his armor casing at the last second
  • Episode 5: Team Rabbits' reaction to the porn video.
    Irie "Pro wrestling?"
  • The Running Gag with Team Rabbit's In-Series Nickname, Team Fail, gets so prolific that a younger student at their school calls them that with Honorifics because she believed that was their actual team name.
    • Later in the same episode Izuru does the same thing when trying to give a uplifting speech to the team.
  • Episode 7: Team Rabbit are shown their new private quarters and enter Irie's room amazed at how big it is. The other members are getting a little too comfortable in Irie's room, who tells them to go to their own rooms… Only for all of them (Irie included) to start hanging out in Toshikazu's room, twice.
    • This quickly becomes a Running Gag throughout the series.
  • Episode 12: Peko's insane driving and the hilarious reactions that ensued.
  • Episode 14: Izuru tries to confirm Ange's gender and is immediately cut off by the person in question. Later on, Izuru and Toshikazu comes up with the idea of using the porn video and tries to confirm Ange's gender based on his/her reaction. Ataru wonders how they can say that with a straight face followed by Kei calling them the worst.
  • Episode 15: One of Kei's high sugar deserts actually nearly kills a recovering Izuru when he takes a giant bite of it.
    Reika: Amane did you die in combat?!
  • Episode 19: All the male pilots getting together to watch porn... and Ange shows up.
  • Episode 20: Toshikazu discovers he shares the same DNA with Izuru. When the truth is revealed to Izuru, there's a long awkward silence. It's broken by Izuru smiling and calling Toshikazu "Onii-chan." Cue Toshikazu's priceless expression.
  • Episode 21: Irie after Toshikazu explains his Izuru's being brothers points out how she views the fellow members of Team Rabbit as her family. Toshikazu as her big brother, Izuru as her little brother and Kei as her mother... cue Kei pouting.
    • Suruga notices he's been left out, and demands to know why he doesn't get a role in Tamaki's family.