Funny / Ginga Densetsu Weed

  • When the dogs go into the hot spring on one episode, one of the dogs shouts, "Hey, who the hell farted??!" off-screen. Another dog says in return "My nose is bending!" Followed by laughter.
  • The cartoon "bonk!" sound that occurs when GB butts heads with one of Hougen's dogs.
  • Ben mistaking Kagetora for one of his sons.
  • Hiro got a funny moment with Kagetora and Ken:
    Hiro: I could've been the bodyguard.
    Kagetora: If you can run fast.
    Hiro: That's true. Maybe I should go on a diet...
    Ken: Impossible! (complete with a DING!)
  • Kamakiri telling Hougen "Don't breed" in one episode.
  • Jerome's casual "Yo" at in the Hot Springs Episode