Given that this series has one of the only officially-sanctioned {{gag dub}}s, it's only natural that there would be '''''many''''' instances of this. Hell, the entire freaking dub is the very definition of Crowning Moment Of Funny. Moments are divided by episode, but {{running gag}}s are listed first.

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* The banter between the construction foreman and his hapless lackey.
** "Just [verb] the [noun], [noun]-[verb]er!" "Sure thing… [-jackass-]."
* Any time the dub makes fun of Engrish.
** "NANIIII??!"
* Any time the dub lampshades the OffModel animation.
* A lot of things [[TheFundamentalist Momoko]] says qualify.
* Mr Sakata's obsession with his rival Hadley.
* Any time the characters spontaneously scream.
* The "'''[[RefugeInAudacity BAYUM]]'''" RunningGag.

[[AC: '''Episode 1''']]
* Reiichiro: "Get back in here or you'll get your head chopped off!"
** And later: "Now remember kids, just say no… to everything."
* Gramps: "Why you want to live in your dead wife's house is beyond me. It's sick! ''You're'' sick!!"
** His only other line: "When this bitch kicks, I'm movin' to Vegas."
* Satsuki: "Monsters only get evil people like Republicans and we're not old enough to vote!"
* Momoko: "[=HaveyouacceptedJesusasyourpersonalsaviour?"=]
* Satsuki: "Kaya just showed up on the day of our mother's funeral... Our DEAD mother. You feel bad now?"
* Satsuki: "Principals always look like lesbians." (one of the many early throwaway lines they turned into a RunningGag)
** Keiichiro: "What's a lesbian?"

[[AC: '''Episode 2''']]
* Satsuki {{lampshad|ed}}ing an OffModel moment: "Oh wow convulsion that was weird. Okay…"
* Mr Sakata's entreaty to the students to use a cursed toilet: "Don't hold it in. All your butts'll explode."
* The principal: "Open your books and turn to page whatever!"
** That same scene: "Where's your teacher? [-Better go check the girls' locker room…-]
* When Hajime's getting sucked into the spirit world during the climax:
--> '''Hajime:''' I'm too young to die! [[CrossesTheLineTwice The only person I've had sex with is my babysitter.]]

[[AC: '''Episode 3''']]
* This exchange during when the kids decide to wish upon the cursed steps…
-->'''Satsuki:''' I want a ''huge'' allowance ''and breasts''… when I get older.\\
'''Hajime:''' And when ''I'' get older, I want to fondle said breasts.
* This bit of LullDestruction just before the episode's halfway point:
-->'''Keita:''' ''(after a basketball backboard falls on him)'' Aren't any of you bastards gonna help me?!?
** And a few scenes later (the next day in-story)…
--->'''Hajime''' ''(nonchalantly)'' Keita's dead.
* The TakeThat at the end of the episode against Creator/ChrisPatton and Creator/GregAyres.
* This episode contains the beginning of the RunningGag that Keiichiro is mentally deficient.
-->'''Keiichiro:''' ''(babbles incoherently and runs off)''\\
'''Amanojaku:''' I think [Satsuki]'s right. You ''are'' retarded.

[[AC: '''Episode 4''']]
* The old school house statue giving us one hell of a BigLippedAlligatorMoment.
--> '''Statue:''' ''[In a high-pitched voice]'' You have any books written by black people? ''[suddenly deep voiced]'' '''Yeh!'''

[[AC: '''Episode 5''']]
* This exchange, demonstrating Momoko's hypocrisy
-->'''Satsuki:''' ''(seeing the ghost runner)'' Nice ass.\\
'''Momoko:''' ''*gasp!*'' Do not lust in your hea—Jesus you're ''right''.
** Becomes something of a BrickJoke when the ghost is facing his own inner demon…
--->'''Satsuki:''' ''(voice-in-head)'' Keiichiro believes in you! Nice ass. Keiichiro believes in you! NICE ass!
* Hajime's attempts to motivate Keiichiro in track practice using a call and repeat.
---> '''Hajime:''' You want to be an air force ranger/ You want to live a life of danger/ You don't want to get raped by strangers.
** and "Run like there's a big black man chasing you! [Keiichiro falls on his face] ...well, he's not racist."
* The principal when he tells off Satsuki and Hajime…
-->"Do you know what these parents'd do to me if we canceled? I'd have hear about little Billy and Suzie, and there's not enough booze in my office!"
* This…
-->'''Leo:''' "Oh-my-god-Oh-my-god-what-the-hell-is-happening-here-these-are-the-fastest-lip-flaps-I've-ever-had-to-sync!!"
* Satsuki's lampshade hanging of a DullSurprise moment.
-->"Hold on… Give me a sec… But this ''hurricane!?''"

[[AC: '''Episode 7''']]
* "Thepeopleinmyhouselooklikemyfatherandmybrotherafteraneyemastersexambutit'snotthem!"
** "Yeahboogitadidggitdagoogitydigdigdigtikikiti!!"
* The scene where Satsuki and Hajime try to tell an already-mirrored Sakata about the curse, and mock his monotone voice.
* When Leo gets back to his apartment and finds his mother playing a deactivated Playstation, and she responds…
-->"Come rub my nipples."
** Later, while on the phone to Satsuki trying to explain the situation, this exchange happens…
--->'''Satsuki:''' "Is it the Manischewitz again?"\\
'''Leo:''' "No, only three bottles this time. But that's not the problem. She's playing video games with the TV off!"\\
'''Satsuki:''' "What's her score?"\\
'''Leo:''' "Pretty good, actually. I'm not sure how, but she's got like a million points."
* This line from Hajime…
-->"My B.S. Meter's goin' DING! I can read. Not very well, but I can! And [[PunctuatedForEmphasis THOSE! LETTERS! ARE!]] ''BACKWARDS!'' *{{Beat}}* Hello? Backwards? Mirror image?"
* Satsuki's LullDestruction in the climax, poking a little fun at the animation…
-->"Whoa. ''Whoa~! Wow!'' This is some trippy shit, homes!"
* Finally, Amanojaku's LullDestruction at the very end of the episode.
-->"So is this the real world, or the mirror world? Isn't that just ''freaking you out''? I mean, seriously, isn't that just whack crap? I'm playin' with your mind, man. And you know what the weird part is? I'm not even high! Not a bit. Totally sober."

[[AC: '''Episode 9''']]
* This one is pretty much a Crowning EPISODE of Funny. Nearly ''every single line'' is '''gold'''.
* At the beginning of the episode, when Satsuki sees Mio for the first time:
-->"Ohhh, her... Ohhhhhh... Ewwwwww..."
* Upon seeing Mio's talisman…
-->"It's a Nick Nolte voodoo doll!"
* Just about every single word that comes out of Mio's mouth in the second half of the episode.
-->"So I dragged my happy ass out in the pourin' rain." ''[-[mockingly]-]'' "'Come bring me back to life!' he says. 'I'll be good, I promise!' he says. 'I won't turn into a big, ugly, horrible, monster rabbit…' [-*inhales*-] HE SAYS."
-->"I know now that it could never work between us! As much as we wanted to it could never be! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're ''Black''."
* The main characters observe Mio from behind a low wall, where they're easily visible. Leo points out he doesn't think they hid very well. Sure enough, just two seconds later, Mio mentions in her speech to Shirotabi that she can see them.
* Mio lampshades the fact that she's doing every cliche thing you're not supposed to do in a horror setting.
-->"This the part where I foolishly trust you not to kill me. …And stick my hand in the cage!"
-->*Bunny starts to transform*
-->"You son of a bitch!"
* Mio's reaction upon seeing Shirotabi's offspring.
** Sakata's explanation immediately before that…
--->"You see, the boy bunny has this thing called a penis, and he sticks it in the girl bunny's vagina. The girl bunny then starts thinking ''she'' owns that penis! Isn't that just awful?"
* As mentioned on the main page, they turn the EverybodyLaughsEnding on its head by adding in a SpaceWhaleAesop about paying child support on time.
-->"Deadbeat dads are not cool!"

[[AC: '''Episode 10''']]
* They managed to make the ''trailer for this episode'' hilarious.
-->'''ScaryBlackMan:''' "Yo, du'! 'Dere's dis dark tunnel, an' once you get up in 'dere, you ain't never comin' out! ''Think I'm lyin'?! Hell naw dis nigga ain't lyin'! Think I'm messin' wit'chu?? F[[SoundEffectBleep *bleep*]] you, man!!'' …What am I talkin' about?"
* Most of the taxi driver's dialogue, but particularly his opening rant.
-->'''Driver:''' "I know what you're all thinking – Why aren't I Pakistani or some stoned, dreadlocked Jamaican? Well, you're all just being racist. Creepy Japanese men can be cab drivers too, you know."
* The exchange between the driver and his daughter…
-->'''Daughter:''' "Daddy? Cinnamon called and said you should get tested."\\
'''Driver:''' "Oh that Cinnamon. Such a kidder."\\
'''Daughter:''' "Maybe you could cheat on your test like you taught me for math!"\\
'''Driver:''' ''[-[mockingly]-]'' "I'm clean, I promise!"

[[AC: '''Episode 11''']]
* A BrickJoke from the previous episode:
-->'''Mr Sakata:''' "Later, kids. I'm off to hook up with this 'Cinnamon' chick."
* This line about the building used at the episode's climax.
-->'''Hajime:''' "Just a sketchy, scary, abandoned square-dancing hall. Music/TobyKeith played here (Nazi)."

[[AC: '''Episode 12''']]
* Turning what was meant to be a touching pinkie-promise moment into "pull my finger".
* Amanojaku turning an OffModel moment into cracking jokes about Keiichiro's supposed mental deficiency… right after he mentioned losing his entry form for the Special Olympics.
* Kayako lampshading how some of the photos in her album were OffModel.
-->"Your father always loved crossing his eyes in photos, an—See? He did it there!"

[[AC: '''Episode 13''']]
* Hearing [[Creator/VicMignogna Tamaki]] express his love for boobs as Da Vinci is priceless.
** "Let's see… Purple. For your hair. [-*heh*-] Can't tell ''this'' is a goddamn anime.
** "Motorin'~"
** Vic being credited as "Obi Frostips".
* When the kids first see Da Vinci:
-->'''Satsuki:''' "It's Maria Shriver!"\\
'''Da Vinci:''' "That's Mrs. Schwarzenegger to you!"
* This line from Satsuki: "I come from a long line of quasi-lesbian ghost killers! I'm not afraid of your ugly draggy ass!"

[[AC: '''Episode 14''']]
* The cast is unsure whether the episode is ripping off ''Film/TheRing'' or ''Film/TheGrudge''.
* Once again making fun of Pakistanis driving cabs.

[[AC: '''Episode 15''']]
* The cursed chant.
-->"F[bleep] me Satan! ''F[bleep] me Satan!'' ''F[bleep] ME SATAN!!!''"
* Amanojaku's greatest line: "Run! She's a ghost AND a bitch!"
* The many {{take that}}s given to Creator/VicMignogna, including Satsuki's ending narration.
-->"Actually, I never really dated Vic. He had terrible body odor. But then one day, he was abducted by some gay Hells Angels, and was [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Never. Seen. Again.]]"

[[AC: '''Episode 16''']]
* The show ''finally'' becoming comfortable in its audacity and removing the {{sound effect bleep}}s.
-->'''Satsuki:''' ''[-[to a doll she found on the floor]-]'' "Looks like it's just you and me, Raggedy Ann."\\
'''Doll:''' ''[-[obviously Satsuki voicing it]-]'' "Call me Barbie!"\\
'''Satsuki:''' "Fine. Looks like it's just you and me, Barbie." ''[-[looks at the camera]-]'' "I'm going [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] crazy!"

[[AC: '''Episode 17''']]
* The pay-phone scene.
-->'''Voice:''' "The number you have dialed is no longer in service. HEY! Maybe if they'd pay their ''[[PrecisionFStrike fucking]]'' phone bill, you could call again!"\\
'''Satsuki:''' "Asian trash."
* Yuki's scream.
* Yuki (who is no older than eleven) openly espousing her theory about a man's race [[BiggusDickus contributing to his penis size]]… then admitting she's "a size-queen from the word go".
** That leads to this exchange during a demon attack…
--->'''Hajime:''' "Don't worry, Yuki! I'll stand extremely close to you!"\\
'''Yuki:''' "You're gonna have to stand closer. I can't even feel it!!"
** …which leads to Yuki completely losing interest in Hajime, ignoring him when he offers to stand near her again.
* "I'd put that down if I were you. All our furniture and electronics have tracking devices. I've seen your kind here, before. ''Jew.''"
* Yuki and the others are discussing the blood red lake, but Hajime tries to tell her that it's just a regular blue lake:
--> '''Hajime:''' "No, I'm serious, bitch! ''[-*points at lake*-]'' I swear to God, ''blue.''
** "Sure it might be blue now, but soon it will be redder than Republican Texas."
* This piece of dialogue when Miyuki's picture starts leaking blood from the picture frame:
--> '''Yuki:''' ''*screams*''\\
'''Hajime:''' "Don't do that!"\\
'''Yuki:''' "I can't help it! Can't you see ''what's happened to the picture!?'' The one beside the bunny, ASSHOLE!"
* About 11 minutes into the episode, when the group sees Miyuki's hat in the lake, the voice actors all start spouting off random dialogue that doesn't make sense at all to what's going on in the episode, or what they're saying to each other for a good 20 seconds.

[[AC: '''Episode 18''']]
* Hajime has two extra lip-flaps where the Japanese voice actress said {{Baka}}. What does he say in English? [[NoIndoorVoice "I'M HUNG!!"]]
* Most of the lines from the female teacher, Bobbie Matsushima, are gold. Like this rant, given to Satsuki:
-->"So I was busy giving you an F on that terrible term paper you did, when the girl came in complaining of cramps. Well, I ''tried'' to be consoling… but I really don't like her. If her mother didn't tell her what a fucking bitch blood and pain is every month, it's not my goddamn problem."
* On the one hand, this episode has probably ''the'' most dated jokes in the series, thanks to Creator/HilaryHaag's [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush anti-Bush rant]] where she makes explicit reference to the botched government response to Hurricane Katrina.[[note]] A number of Katrina refugees ended up in Houston, where this dub was recorded.[[/note]] On the other hand, anyone who remembers the era will likely find humor in the somewhat-less-dated slams of Creator/{{NPR}} and [[UsefulNotes/AmericanCourts Clarence Thomas]].

[[AC: '''Episode 19''']]
* Creator/LuciChristian's dead-on impersonation of Nancy Grace during the ColdOpen, where she refers to Anderson Cooper as "America's favorite homosexual newscaster". HilariousInHindsight when you remember that this dub was recorded in 2005; Cooper didn't come out of his TransparentCloset until six years later.
* Replacing Momoko's female stylist cousin from the original Japanese with a CampGay man. Then this…
-->'''Stylist:''' ''[-[to Satsuki]-]'' "*scream!* My product! *scream!* My face! *scream!* ''Your'' face! *scream!* …GET OUT!"
* The kids' reaction to the motorcycle ghost getting trapped in the clown doll's head. As the head rolls towards them and the ghost starts trying to break out, they all stare at it in utter confusion, asking "Huh?". Then when the ghost manages to free his front wheel (but nothing else), they start ''laughing''.

[[AC: '''Episode 20''']]
* Adding in new sound effects for RuleOfFunny…
** Turning the crank to close the fire door in the old schoolhouse plays "Pop Goes the Weasel".
** The procession of ghosts past a window is overlaid with barnyard noises.
* Amanojaku's PreMortemOneLiner upon making his HeroicSacrifice…
-->"Think ''Film/BrokebackMountain''."
* Nearly everyone in this episode has EndOfSeriesAwareness, and mentions it constantly.
** Satsuki's final line: "Show's over."
** Amanojaku engages in one final bit of LullDestruction: "I'd like to thank my agent for getting me this part…"

* "So, [[DerangedAnimation was I trippin']], or did that work?"
* Episode 3 has a TakeThat against Chris Patton and Greg Ayres, Hajime and Leo's voice actors near the end.
** And then Episode 12 has one for Amanojaku's voice actor, Rob Mungle.
* The mirror episode has a lot of this:
** "Hello? [[BreakingTheFourthWall How many more plot points]] do we have to run into before you [[OnceAnEpisode get out that damn book!?]]"
* A lot of things [[TheFundamentalist Momoko]] says qualify:
-->'''Momoko''': Verizon! Like Jesus, it never stops working for you.
** This exchange…
--->'''Satsuki:''' "Why don't you go bomb an abortion clinic or something?"\\
'''Momoko:''' "You just wait. When [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush our wonderful president]] finishes stacking the Supreme Court, we won't have to!"