Funny: Ghost

  • Sam and Oda Mae's first encounter.
    Oda Mae: (Locking herself in a closet) I swear to God no more lies, but please, please make that guy go away.
    Sam: (Sam just pushes his head through the door) No way.
    Oda Mae: AAAAAAAAHHHH— (breaks the door down and falls)
    Everyone in the room: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Sam singing "Henry the Eighth". No matter how hard Oda Mae press the pillows into her ears, she can't seem to drown his voice. Its more funny when you realize that Sam can sing loudly, and no one but Oda Mae can hear him.
    • There is a Call Back to this scene later in the movie, which is almost as funny. Oda Mae, after ringing Molly's apartment and finding that no one is home, tries to leave only for Sam to quickly (and loudly) start singing Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall. She quickly turns back around, agreeing to stay as long as Sam stops singing.
  • "Molly! I'm gonna count to three and I'm outta here! OneTwoThree!"
    Oda Mae: (to Molly) DO YOU HEAR ME UP THERE??
    Workman in loft: I hear you!
    Oda Mae: I'm not talking to you!
    Workman in loft: Ever heard of a phone?
    Oda Mae: Kiss my behind! (to Molly) Listen, I'm not gonna stand here all day.
    Workman in loft: Thank God!
    Oda Mae: Forget it, I've had enough of this.
  • The part where Sam and Oda Mae give the four million dollars they stole from Carl to a church, with the nuns nearly having a heart attack when they see the check.
    • The entire scene with "Rita Miller", in which Oda Mae's Motor Mouth pulls off the con while also annoying Sam at every turn.
    "Rita Miller": Will you stop hitting me?
    Sam: Don't overdo it!
  • Sam trying to communicate with Molly via Oda Mae:
    Sam: I want you to repeat what I'm saying, word for word. You got that?
    Oda Mae: Yes. (to Molly) He wants me to repeat what he's saying, word for word.
    Sam: Molly, you're in danger.
    Oda Mae: You can't just blurt it out like that! I'm gonna tell it in my own way. (to Molly) Molly... you in danger, girl.
  • Carl and Sam pranking a crowded elevator by making everyone think Carl has a contagious illness and rash ("On the genitals?").
  • Oda Mae arguing with Sam in front of Molly, who looks like she's seeing someone going nuts.