Funny / Gensou Shoujo Taisen

  • As a homage to the infamous blind spot, characters simply stand there when dodging Cirno's Icicle Fall.
  • Why did Remilia start the Scarlet Mist Incident? So she could have a huge outdoor party.
  • If Hatate misses her second attack, she slams her face into the game's screen.
  • By default, Cirno is the ninth character on the deployment list.
  • On Stage 19, the WP Bonus condition is to have the Aki Sisters miss their combination attack. Why? Doing so lets you see their hilarious miss animation where Shizuha falls off mid-dive and Minoriko misses the impact, resulting in her bouncing away, complete with a silly sound effect.
    • In Yume, The Super Aki Sisters Kick Kai is even funnier when it misses. Why? Because Shizuha straight up EXPLODES after falling away, followed up by Minoriko bouncing away. With how over the top the whole thing is you can't help but laugh.
  • The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann inspired combination event with the Three Fairies of Light is pretty great.
    Sunny: If that's how they're gonna play it, we have to use our trump card!
    Luna: We have a trump card?
    Sunny: Isn't it obvious?! We combine!
    Luna: We can combine?!
    Keine: You can combine?!
    Sanae: They can combine!