Funny: Garfield Royal Rescue

  • Internet Persona's reading of Part 1, with guest LittleKuriboh.
  • Wha-Chow's reading of Part 2 (episodes "Explosion of Maximum Impact", "Is It With a Y or an I?", and "Crikey I'm Sexy Salamander"), with such highlights as:
    • Kirbopher singing the "Love is Lasagna" lyrics to a random piece of music perfectly.
    • MasakoX doing a Gilbert Gottfried impression for Prince Harry.
    • Garfield's reaction to Sarah Ferguson blowing herself up after they had sex.
    • The particular reactions to the phrases "He was at Stonehenge chained to stone!", "The chains were made of adamantium and magic!", and "...as he tore through guards like lawnmower through warm cheese."