Funny / GaoGaiGar

  • In episode 16, when StealthGao flies over a house as an old couple are sitting outside and having tea. Instead of being surprised, they calmly discuss it.
    Old man: "Now that was one really great big crow."
    Old woman: "Come on, dear, you know perfectly well that was a B-29."
    • After this, a woman walking her dog sees Guy riding Galeon (a giant robot lion) down the river.
  • Mic Sounders somehow gets himself into a carnival parade. Covered in flashing lights.
    Guy: "Is it alright for a highly classified secret to be doing that?
    • Heck Mic Sounders practically a walking crowning moment of funny. When he's not being awesome.
  • Mic's introduction in episode 23. After his container's been discovered to be empty, it cuts back to the RC Robot tournament that Mamoru and his friends are taking part of. When Mic appears at the tournament, we get this gem:
    *The people are speechless and some of them faint too*
    Mic: Huh? What's the matter? What happened?
  • In episode 21, when the Zonder was controlling gravity at Mamoru's school, Hana has an Imagine Spot on what would happen if she didn't stop getting heavier. Her reaction afterwards just sells it.
    Hana: I don't want to turn into a sumo wrestler!