Funny / Galaxy of Fear

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     City of the Dead 
  • Boba Fett: "I tracked a wanted criminal named N'haz Mit to this planet and killed him. A week later I heard N'haz was walking the streets of Necropolis. I had to come back and kill him again. I find that strange."
  • A kid says of the graveyard that it's the most popular place in town. Everyone goes there eventually.

     Army of Terror 
  • Luke takes turns helping Tash and Zak carry a baby, for no reason beyond that he's a nice guy. When he's needed to keep watch he asks one of the Rebel troopers to carry for a bit.
    The commando sighed. They could tell he didn't like the idea, but Luke was a hero of the Rebellion, so Rax slung his blaster rifle over his shoulder and pulled little Eppon up into his arms. Eppon buried his head in the soldier's neck. "Eppon!"
    "He likes you!" Tash laughed.
    "Hurray," the soldier groaned.

     The Brain Spiders 
  • Beidlo says this of his order of monks.
    "We manage to keep busy," he said. "We meditate... and think... and consider... and concentrate. It's a full day!"

     The Swarm 

     The Doomsday Ship 
  • "No gardening droid's gonna kill Dash Rendar. I'd never live it down."
  • The Alien Lunch.
    He scooped up a handful of pastries with cream-filling. "I wouldn't do that," Dash warned him.
    "Well, you're not me," Zak replied with a smile as he bit into the pastry.
    His smile vanished as dozens of small, wiggly legs squirmed out from behind his teeth and scrambled across his lips.
    "I'm glad I'm not you," Dash laughed.
  • Later:
    Dash: "I don't think I've ever heard of that before."
    Zak: "You get used to things like that around us."

  • Responding to Tash saying she's reminded of the feeling she had around Darth Vader, Zak says "I'd say that falls into the category of not good."

     The Hunger 
  • After a rough landing:
    Platt: "Everyone all right?"
    Zak: "I feel like all my teeth got knocked loose."
    Platt: "First rule of piloting: If your passengers can answer the question, then the landing was good."