Not only is this series filled to the brim with extremely cute moments but there are also so many hilarious ones

* The RunningGag that every time someone even implies that there is some sort of defect or that they dislike Ryuuichi, Kotaro just straight up looks so betrayed and ''hurt'' prompting the person in question to hastily backtrack and assure the toddler that his big brother is the most lovable and cool person ever.
* During the school festival Kirin's mama arrives and almost with next to zero explanation makes Kamitani, Ryuuichi and Usaida wear wigs and pretend to be girls. Then we find out that Kirin's papa has no love whatsoever towards males because he's terrified and jealous of the idea of one of them taking his little girl from him. HilarityEnsues once he arrives and he meets the cute caretakers, especially when none of them makes any sort of real effort in hiding the fact that they're boys.
* Usaida lets Kotaro take Ryuuichi's lunch to him when he's forgotten it. The students realize that he's on his first errand. Some of the students notice him try to go up the stairs and all freak out, offering to carry him wherever he needs to go.
** Even better, when he says he will do it by himself, the teenagers are moved with his determination, with one of them even having renewed hope and perseverance to try to get into college.
* Kazuma and Takuma's dad was in a commercial in which he promoted a gum brand's slogan of "Kiss the one you like!" so they go around kissing every one of their friends. Naturally, HilarityEnsues. Especially when [[PapaWolf Kirin's dad]] shows up. Meanwhile, the twins' dad is incredibly embarrassed and tries to take responsibility for the whole thing. Their mother convinces them to stop by almost kissing Ryuuichi, to which they respond that the only person they want her to kiss is their dad.
* In chapter 62, the twins' dad wind up playing a bad guy in a {{Sentai}} show, and this scares the kids. In one scene he seemingly [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness kills a small bird because it was no longer of any use to him.]] Kotaro becomes fixated on this scene, watching the entire episode despite being scared in order to find out if the bird is all right. When the twins' dad comes to visit the daycare, he grabs the kids' pet chick and hides it behind him.
* In Chapter 82, Umi has to travel overnight, leading to Kousuke being alone with the kids and failing miserably at making them the omurice they want, having to ask for Ryuuichi to come over and help him. Even better is the kids compating how his dad looks cool on TV as a HeelFaceTurn former BigBad of their Sentai show and the dad in their kitchen failing miserably and desperately crying at all times.
* Another RunningGag is whenever anyone seems to dislike even the tiniest of things about something [[SupremeChef Saikawa]] cooks, he straight up tries to leave to go through culinary school again to try and redeem himself.