Funny: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

  • The Vegas episode, "Vacation"!
    • Tunnel Rat confronted Duke on his lack of fashion sense (of course Tunnel Rat doesn't have much fashion sense either).
    Duke: (wearing a simple sweater with long pants) I think I look pretty hip in this.
    Tunnel Rat: Are you kidding! You're as stuffy as a pillow!
    • Scarlett and Tunnel Rat, Oil and Water...
    • Tunnel Rat throws what looks like a grenade at Destro. It goes off... and confetti hits Destro right in the face. One of his men quickly assumes that it must be his birthday.
    Cobra Grunt: I didn't know it was your birthday sir. Are we going to have a cake?
    (Destro is not amused...)
    • Just before that, just after the "confetti grenade" goes off, Destro remains completely deadpan.
    Destro: (now covered in confetti) ...Wipe them out.
  • Episode 17 shows strange (yet surprisingly funny) parallels between Hi-Tech and Destro of all people!
    • For added fun, in one scene Scarlett and Baroness get in on the 'copy-cat' act.