Funny: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

  • The Baroness floats the idea of taking the Joes' families hostage in "Captives of Cobra":
    Baroness: Tell me, Commander, who in all the world would you never let come to harm?
    Cobra Commander: Me!
  • In "Cobrathon": The comedic stylings of Destro, in a suit, giving a stilted reading off of cue cards. He stammers a bit, warms up, and then, as it becomes increasingly clear that he's not enjoying this:
    Destro: ...thank you, ladies and germs! I, uh — I just slithered in from headquarters — [forced laugh] — and boy, does my stomach hurt! But, uh, seriously, folks, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the studio... [screams in frustration] NO! [pulls out laser pistol] No, I cannot continue with this idiotic drivel!
    [As cameramen run for cover, he starts putting lasers through the last cue card until it splinters and flies apart.]
    Destro: [sighs, breathing heavily] That's... better...