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Funny: Future Diary
  • Anything 12th does while onscreen. ANYTHING.
  • Yuno trying to kill Yukki's dad after she learns what he's up to and Yukki's attempts to stop her.
  • Yuno's reaction to the 3rd's death:
    "That's all? How Boring. *stretches*"
  • In episode 3 Yuno tells Yukki to drink something together with her. Yukki proceeds to try to drink, notices that barely any juice is going through, lifts up the straw to notice that the two straws are jammed together, he proceeds to say:
  • Chapter 34. Yukki is trying to confess to a girl named Moe Wakaba in a flashback. Yuno runs interference. In a bunny suit. Repeatedly.
    • This happens in episode 18 of the anime and it's even funnier, especially Yuno unknowingly scaring a little kid by growling.
    • And then this dub line happened after she interrupts his attempt to buy Moe soda.
  • Episode 1 features an omake in which MurMur attempts to hand Third his Future Diary, with hilarious results. He mistakes her for a witness and tries to kill her, but accidentally slices trough the Diary, killing himself. After he is brought back, MurMur explains how his diary works. He decides to destroy the cellphone to get rid of evidence and dies again. The omake ends with MurMur watching a viewscreen showing Yukki killing Third. She notes that "Hasty people are troublesome".
    • In another MurMur segment, she sells Twelfth's diary to him for 50 yen, then goes to the store to buy a candy bar (as a reward for being such a good person). It costs 60 yen.
    • She disguises herself as Yuno to learn the secret of Ms. Amano's miso soup. First, Ms. Amano believes that MurMur is Yuno even though she barely comes up to her knee. Then she tastes MurMur's attempt at the soup; cut to an ambulance pulling away from the house. Yukki meets the same fate just a few minutes later.
  • Chapter 17, when Akise randomly grabs Yukiteru's ass in front of Yuno.
  • Episode 6: Yuki's Humiliation Conga throughout the episode thanks to Yuno and his mother. The scene in particular with Yuki trying to hold his closet doors shut while Yuno's trying to force them open so she can meet Yuki's mother.
    • Also, in Episode 6 Yuno asks Yuki while sleeping over "Aren't you going to jump me?" Yuki's reaction is hilarious.
  • Episode 8, when Yukki accidentally pulls down Hinata's trousers, exposing her underwear, there's a loooong pause then Mao takes a picture.
  • Episode 10 opens with Minene having a Flashback to when she tried to take on the Third. After being injured in a fall, she is found by Nishijima. Suddenly, MurMur begins dubbing over their (and Third's) dialogue to make it sound like a stereotypical Shoujo Manga, in which the three are in a love triangle and Minene is a Damsel in Distress.
  • In episode 15 Kousaka freaks out when his apprentice diary is broken thinking he's going to die.
    • Also in episode 15 when Akise says that Kousaka has a large house that's be a good hide out Kousaka says "Why would I help a jerk like..." but is cut off by a smiling Mao clobbering him from behind.
  • Episode 4's 12 does a hilarious henshin pose. This is what shows it in the first few seconds
  • Minene on the toilet calling Nishijima a pervert, trying to flush and failing and kicking the toilet which causes it to squirt back water at her.
    • Nishijima says he loves Minene and Minene retorts that he just wants to have sex with her to which Nishijima responds "Pretty much".
    • Minene is pretty funny with her facial responses to certain things like when Nishijima tried to put a ring on her finger.
  • In the anime seeing Yuno cheerfully mowing down cops with a submachine gun.
  • Akise and MurMur's antics in the spin-off Paradox, where they face Minene. Akise straps a bomb to MurMur and sends her flying towards Minene on rollerskates to disable her. It turns out the bomb is a fake.
  • Minene's idea of what a marriage is and the accompanying images that go along with it. The dub is arguably even funnier, as she sounds more and more sick of the thought with each line.
    Minene: Shut the hell up. I'm being proposed to?! *cue the dream sequence, starting with them at the altar* Oh god. *they cut the cake* Ohhh god... *and then the baby pops out of the cake* Ohhh god!
  • The 12th arresting the 3rd in the last episode of the anime, and later visiting him in prison.
  • Episode 5 has Tsubaki having her face introduced to the wall thanks to Yuno. Her response?
    "Hey, you did that on purpose!"
  • Episode 11 has Yukki taken hostage by 9th, a destroyed floor separates them from Yuno; and then Yukki accidentally blows up the floor behind him and 9th, causing them to both get stranded.
  • Episode 19: Yuki's establishment of taking a level in badass was pretty damn awesome; later on, he and Yuno are discussing their next move. Cue Yuno casually undressing right in front of Yuki, and his utterly flustered reaction, as he continues to discuss their strategy with his head turned to the side.
  • For all the awesomeness of his Big Damn Heroes moment in saving Yuno, actually seeing Yukiteru swinging an ax in episode 5 (at least when taken out of context) is actually pretty damn funny, at least when compared to Yuno's skill with the self-same weapon.
  • Yuno's expression as she mows down mooks with a machine gun and a katana.
  • In the Redial OVA the girls threaten to (non-seriously) drown Kousaka in the ocean after he insults them. We then cut to Mao and Hinata burying him in the sand.
  • The wedding rehearsal, where a short, old lady begins fitting Yuno for her dress and spends the entire time ranting and berating them about "kids these days" and how people their age shouldn't be getting married.
  • Episode 3's Omake has Murmur taking Yuki's advice in trying to be popular with kidness, (his example being making someone a late night snack just because). Cue finding Deus looking at a small snack tray on his throne's armrest.

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