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Funny: Fresh Pretty Cure!
  • Episode 2: Tarte is about to explain about Labyrinth...
    Tarte: By the way... do you know what a parallel world is?
    Tarte: That's right, it's a world where many umbrellas need saving - wait, it's not parasol, it's parallel!
  • Episode 4: Inori speaking with Love and Miki via cellphone... while in the same room, just so she doesn't have to look at Tarte (who's a ferret, that she doesn't like). Love and Miki just looked at her with a look of "Dude, just cut that out already..."
  • Episode 10. Everything that has happened while Inori and Tarte have switched bodies.
  • Episode 12. Just about all of it, since it does also have some Crowning Moment of Heartwarming mixed in.
  • In episode 14, Inori was trying to speak with animals due to awakening her Pickrun. She asks a hamster... which instead of being friendly, the hamster goes on a Motor Mouth rant which scares Inori, when all he's trying to say is "I don't know. None of my business. Good luck anyway."
  • In episode 15, the girls and Setsuna take photos and Setsuna's face is always stoic.
    • When she found out that Tarte is a rare talking ferret (she knew it already), she tells the girls she will keep the secret. While showing a friendly face, she thinks with a snarky voice:
    "I want to steal the Linkruns quickly and then go home."
    • And when Chiffon with her psychic powers show up and Inori does not know to explain:
    Miki: "Don't tell anyone about this."
    Setsuna (with a cute, high voice): "I-i understand."
  • In episode 39, Miki, Inori and Setsuna all land on top of Westar after teleporting with Akarun. They then proceed to transform while still standing on top of him.
  • Episode 49 : Once Westar and Soular are seen coming Back from the Dead with Heel-Face Turn to go, Westar seems to bond quickly with Tarte, then on the introduction on Kaoru-chan's doughnut that Tarte brought, they start fantasizing their own team, parodying the Cures, "The Doughnut Bros", featuring Tarte, Kaoru-chan, Westar and Soular. Soular's reaction? "I am NEVER going there."
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