Funny / Freaky Friday

1976 Version

  • Ellen basically ruins Annabel's day at school. The photography class, the typing test, band practice and the field hockey game. The only thing she was good at was her history/English class, something that Annabel wasn't good at before.
  • Mrs. Schmauss, the mechanic, the carpet cleaners, the neighbor, the drapery man and the grocery boy all arriving at the same hour creating chaos for Annabel.
  • A girl elbows Annabel in the face during the hockey game.
    Coach Betsy: (Blows whistle) Foul!
    Coach Ruth: Definitely a foul. Questionable.
  • The chase scene at the end including one cop car going through a tunnel and being reshaped at the end and another car splitting in half after colliding with a concrete fork.

2003 Version

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