Funny / FreQuency

  • When John and Frank talk on the radio for the first time, though neither of them knows it yet. Frank criticizes John for not loving baseball.
    Frank: Let me tell you something. A thousand years from now, when school kids study about America, they're gonna learn about three things. The Constitution, rock and roll, and baseball.
  • John's talk with the six year old Gordo.
    Gordo: This is the Space Cowboy, I'm an intergalactic traveler from the Federation Planet Earth.
    John: Now this is important, something you've got to remember for a long time, Yahoo.
    Gordo: What's that?
    John: Well it's a magic word. it's like um. Like Abra Kadabra, but even better. Try it out kid. Yahoo
    Gordo: Yahoo.
    John: You got it space cowboy. Now go upstairs and write it down.
    Gordo: You got it Mr., I mean Santa Claus.