Funny / Frank

The Film

  • Jon tries to get into the Deconstructor Fleet mindset after watching a video where he is recommended to, while shaving, move his face instead of the razor. It doesn't end well.
  • Jon walks slowly into the shower after noticing Frank's mask in a nearby bin, thinking he'll see Frank's face for the first time. Unfortunately for him, Frank was showering while wearing another mask.
  • The ensuing backing-and-forthing between Jon and Clara, building up to Jon comparing her to Josef Fritzl, followed up by a sudden, "CUUUUUNT!"
  • The Word Salad Lyrics of the song we hear when we first see Frank himself.
    • For that matter, the song that Frank shows off in the hotel room that he claims is his, "Most likable song ever".
  • The completely-out-of-rhythm ukulele player in the cafe. Clara is seen with her hands over her ears at one point.
  • Clara singing a deadpan version of "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper".
  • Baraque struggling not to draw attention to himself while Frank accidentally throws Don's ashes (actually a tub of GrowNut) all over him.
  • After Frank runs off, Jon encounters an obnoxious fan in a Chinese restaurant and discovers his thoroughly unwanted fame as "Chinchilla Guy".