* The entire third-season episode "The Secret Society of Poobahs" is hilarious with all the increasingly silly and absurd customs of the Poobah society, but the definite highlight is the roll call (made even better by Creator/JimHenson's brilliant performance as the Vanguard):
--> '''Beggler-Beg:''' The trial of Mokey Fraggle shall now begin! All Poobahs should be present! The judge will call the roll...
-->'''Vanguard:''' Allllll present shall reply by saying 'present,' And allllll absent shall reply by saying 'linoleum'! Fritz?"
-->'''Two Fraggles, in unison:''' Present!
-->'''Vanguard:''' Fritz?
-->'''Another Fraggle:''' Present!
-->'''Vanguard:''' Fritz?
-->'''Another Fraggle:''' Present!
-->'''Vanguard:''' Fritz?
-->'''Another Fraggle:''' Present!
-->'''Vanguard:''' Fritz?
-->'''Another Fraggle:''' [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Linoleum]]!
-->'''Vanguard:''' Ah, that Fritz, he's never here when you need him. And finally, Fritz, Fritz, Fritz, Fritz, Fritz and Fritz!
-->'''Fraggles:''' Present, Present, Present, Present, Present... present with an explanation!
-->'''Vanguard.''' Mmmmmmmm. ''(turns to the Beggler-Beg)'' All present and accounted fooooor... except for Fritz!
-->'''Beggler-Beg:''' Thank you, Fritz.
* In the "Great Radish Famine," the Doozers [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdbeGkovaXQ&feature=relmfu take up knitting]] as a substitute for their construction work. Needless to say, they hated it.
* In the same episode mentioned above, the Trash Heap optimistically fantasizes what the Fraggle/Doozer/Gorg meeting turned out to be. She imagines them singing a TastesLikeDiabetes song. Soon, the Trash Heap learns how the meeting truly went: cue cut to a disastrous, messy meeting.
* The Fraggles watch their water supply lower.
-->'''Wembley:''' Why does the water vanish everyday?
-->'''Junior Gorg:''' [[GilliganCut Why does Daddy have to take a bath everyday]]?
* One of Uncle Traveling Matt's postcards is about the time he decided to try out the rapid transit of the Silly Creatures- a roller coaster. His expression as the speed kicks up is utterly hilarious. His expression after he gets off is just as hilarious.
** The RealitySubtext behind that one is just as funny: The guy next to Matt on the rollercoaster is his puppeteer, Dave Goelz (who had a false arm attached to the back of his seat so he could perform the puppet while riding). At a 2006 public screening of Fraggle episodes, Goelz [[http://www.muppetcentral.com/news/2006/012306.shtml revealed]] that during filming of the postcard segments, producer Jerry Juhl would [[ButtMonkey put Goelz (as Matt) "in these aggravating situations like... on a roller coaster when he knew I was afraid of roller coasters".]]
* At the end of "Catch the Tail by the Tiger," Sprocket is no longer scared of the lightning. He has a rather demented look and is so excited that he wants to go out on another walk through the storm.
* Sprocket's imitation of The Swedish Chef in "The Cavern of Lost Dreams".
* For someone who changes his mind so easily, Wembley sure knows how to stick to his misunderstandings even when everything resembling logic or common sense scream that he's wrong. It reaches an absurd height in the episode "Scared Silly", where he, after an utterly failed prank war and due to a really silly misunderstanding, thinks that he and his friends have all blown up and gone to the Land Of Having Blown Up (ItMakesSenseInContext... [[AvertedTrope sort of]]). Even marveling at how similar the Land of Having Blown Up is to his own home, he refuses to consider the fact that maybe nobody's blown up because: "Gobo, listen to ''reason!'' We wouldn't be in the Land of Having Blown Up if we hadn't blown up, now would we?!"
* In episode 17 ("Marooned"), while preparing Lima Bean Soup for Boober's birthday:
-->'''Mokey:''' It needs a bit more salt.\\
'''Gobo:''' Sure, that's easy! ''(dumps a cup of salt in)''\\
'''Mokey:''' ... Now it needs a little less salt.\\
''' Gobo:''' ... That's harder.

* The 2013 [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIKeS3yf6Tg "Ask a Fraggle" promo]] with Gobo and Red is traditional silly Muppet-interview-tomfoolery (and featured Gobo in his first speaking role for twenty years, [[TheOtherDarrin now voiced by]] [[Theatre/AvenueQ John Tartaglia]]), but the funniest bit is at the very end with the last question:
-->'''Question (from Thomas L.):''' Are you guys [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Bronies?]]\\
'''Red:''' Uhh...\\
'''Gobo:''' Oooh -- yeah, Thomas.\\
'''Red:'''... Yeah!\\
''' Gobo:''' Yeah, absolutely!\\
'''Red:''' Yeah, abso --\\
'''Gobo:''' Without a doubt.\\
'''Red:''' Ye-- [[BadLiar what's a Brony]]?\\
'''Gobo:''' [[BadLiar I have no idea]].\\
'''Red:''' I don't know either.\\
'''Gobo:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint No, Thomas, we're Fraggles]].\\
'''Red:''' Yeah! Yeah!\\
'''Gobo:''' We like to sing, and dance...\\
'''Red:''' ...and play with our friends!\\
'''Gobo:''' Yeah, cause [[ShoutOut friendship is magic.]]
* [[http://www.toughpigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/junior-borg.jpg Junior]] [[Franchise/StarTrek Borg.]]
* [[http://fragglevision.tumblr.com/post/139604010741/so-someone-messaged-me-this-picture-of-a-very Traveling Matt encounters a pothole.]]
* [[http://negaduck9.deviantart.com/art/Fraggle-comic-Minstrel-Pains-276216289 "Minstrel Pains"]], a fan comic by Kim [=McFarland=]. Saying anything more would ruin it.