* In "Bleak Midwinter," the guilty party has broken into a hairdresser's. Foyle arrives and goes down to the basement to find that he's taken the shop's owner hostage and smashed through to the bank next door, where he's busy setting up explosives.
-->'''Harry:''' Who the hell are you?\\
'''Foyle:''' I'm a policeman.\\
'''Harry:''' How'd you find me?\\
'''Foyle:''' ''[looking over his shoulder]'' [[DeadpanSnarker I came through that hole in the wall.]]
** Shortly after, when the suspect's nitroglycerin turns out to be regular glycerin instead.
-->'''Harry:''' Oh Grace, you ''bitch.''\\
'''Foyle:''' Fine sense of humor though.
* When Brooks comments that the higher-ups have finally done something right (by un-retiring Foyle), Foyle stops with his customary "right," and proceeds to declare that if he hears anything more like that, he'll kick Brooks out of the police force himself, and strides off. As soon as he's gone, Brooks smiles and says it's good to have him back.
* Frequently, when the murder investigations cross with "vital wartime operations", someone will comment at how the inconvenient it is that the man was murdered. Foyle's response is always "Particularly for him/her, don't you think?"
* In "All Clear", when Foyle's son Andrew asks Sam to marry him and she says she just wants to be friends.
--> '''Andrew:''' Oh, very well. But you will marry me, Sam Stewart. If only to have my dad as your father-in-law.\\
'''Sam:''' *grins and says nothing.*