Funny: Four Lions

  • The argument between CO19 snipers and control.
    • "Is the Wookie a bear, over?"
      • "What's a Wookie?"
    • "Is the Honey Monster is a bear?"
  • Waj's attempt to look tough on the video with his replica AK-47. His miniature replica AK-47 that is.
  • Barry's knackered CitroŽn finally grinds to a halt... and of course it's a Jewish conspiracy.
    • Also, eating Jaffa cakes = financing Israel = "Your dad's a Jew, Faisal."
  • "As I understand it, we shot the right man, but the wrong man blew up"
  • The inexperienced hostage negotiator's pathetic attempts to reason with Waj. "You wanna talk about girls? We can talk about girls. Please let's talk about girls."
  • "You FUCKING Mister Beans!"
  • You will either react to Faisal blowing himself and a sheep to smithereens with either utter horror or will burst out gut-laughing at how it's presented.
    • *After it turns out the sack of his remains is mixed in with those of the sheep* "What is he, a martyr or a fucking jalfrezi?!"
  • "Fuck Mini-Babybels!"
  • Omar's soul will be in heaven before his head hits the ceiling!
  • "I'm the Mujahideen and I'm making a scene!"