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Funny: 48 Hours
  • This one scene here in Another 48 Hrs.:
    [while Jack is being beaten up by barroom toughs, Reggie fires a gun into the air. Everyone stops, and Jack collapses to the floor]
    Reggie Hammond: All right, knock this shit off! I HAVE BEEN HAVING A VERY BAD DAY! I just got out of jail this morning! Already I've been shot at, I was on a bus that flipped over seventeen times, bitch tried to stab me in the bathroom, and somebody blew up my Porsche! I am in a BAD goddamn mood! Now I usually don't step in on things like this, but this man Jack Cates is gonna help me straighten out the rest of my day! So I suggest you all back up, and let us go about our business!
    Barroom Fighter: 'Cause you got a gun?
    Reggie Hammond: No, 'cause I have a gun and I'll pop a cap in your ass!
    Barroom Fighter: I don't think you have the guts to use it.
    [Reggie shoots him in the leg]
    Reggie Hammond: Anybody else want a limp?
  • And the original 48 hours was full of Eddie Murphy at his best:
    • Luther! Are you Angry with me?
    • "Tell me a Bedtime story, Jack." "Fuck You!" "Oh, that's one of my favorites."
    • I don't like white people. I hate Rednecks. You people are Rednecks. That means I'm enjoying this shit. (Helps that it comes on the heels of some lovely Fanservice.)
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