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"And what is Deletraz doing?"
- Murray Walker

  • Jenson Button: Songs From Inside My Helmet
  • The BBC coverage of the 2011 Italian GP started with a monologue in Italian, with subtitles, about their appreciation for beautiful and fast cars. When it ended the presenter said, "Buongiorno, il mio asino nel campo" Hello, my donkey is in the field
  • At the qualifying for the 2011 Singapore GP Eddie Jordan mentions that Shakira was playing as part of the weekend's entertainment.
    Jake Humphries: So Shakira's down the road and you've chosen to be with us? We're honoured.
    Eddie Jordan: I didn't have a choice Jake!
    Jake: No you didn't.
    David Couthard: Actually, you do!
    Eddie: Thanks a lot!
    Jake: Don't get rid of him too soon!
  • In the 2012 Australian GP, Raikkonen (aka. The "Iceman") calls to his team over the radio: "WHY AM I GETTING ALL THE BLUE FLAGS?!" His engineer calmly tells him: "they're for the car behind you".note 
  • In the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, almost every single driver that took the lead... ended up retiring from the race. Kinda funny, in a Black Comedy way.
    James Hunt: Well we've got this ridiculous situation where we are all sitting by the start finish line, waiting for a winner to come past, and we don't seem to be getting one!
  • Rubens Barrichello marked his 300th race start at Spa in 2010... where he crashed into Fernando Alonso. Someone made this video in response. THIS! IS! SPARTA!
    Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Spaniard!
    • One commenter snuck in a reference to the previous Ferrari team order controversy (Alonso saying "This is ridiculous" over team radio) with this: "This is madness! This is ridiculous!"
  • During the 1982 German Grand Prix, lead driver Nelson Piquet Sr. (driving a BMW-powered Williams) was coming up to lap a rookie pay-driver named Eliseo Salazar when the two collided, taking them both out of the race. Piquet's response? He starts to punch and kick Salazar (who's still wearing his helmet) in full view of the TV cameras! It gets even better than that: a few months later Piquet phoned Salazar to apologize...and explained that when they examined his car's BMW engine after the race, they'd found it was about to break down, so by crashing into him, Salazar had actually saved BMW the embarrassment of having one of their units fail at their home Grand Prix.
    • Shortly after the initial incident, an official in a van came around to pick up Nelson, who was walking back to his pit. Upon seeing that the van's other passenger was Salazar, Nelson refused to get in and the argument between the two drivers began anew. In an attempt to defuse the situation, the van driver got out to break them up. Piquet's response? To jump into the van and drive away, leaving both the official and Salazar where they stood.
  • There are several old Formula One review videos presented by Clive James that are full of wit (and a little sarcasm): "The Renaults looked very impressive touring around together like Fangio and Moss. Or Flanagan and Allen"; "In Mansell's pit I was glad to see that his helmet was still globular. Instead of crushed flat by the burden of being called 'The British Hope'"; "While the Renaults were being put back together so they could be thrown away..."; "Senna was so moved that he spoke"; "Piquet was on the pole. He was still on it when everyone else went past."
  • Everything ever said by Murray Walker. Here's a whole list of them.
  • Kimi Raikkonen's Stop Helping Me! outbursts during the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP.
    Engineer: We will keep you informed on your pace.
    Kimi: Just leave me alone! I know what I'm doing!

    Engineer: Just keep working all four tyres and-
    Kimi: Yes yes yes, I'm doing that all the time! You don't have to remind me every ten seconds!
    Commentator: Oh, how I wish I could sit in on the Lotus debrief at the end of this race.
    • Raikkonen and Vettel not bothering to censor themselves on live television during their interviews was pretty funny too.
    • Kimi telling the crew to leave him alone is made even funnier after he gets lost during the 2012 Brazilian GP.
      • And before the 2014 Singapore GP it got even funnier, as the FIA then banned teams from using radio messages to coach the drivers during the race. So now they really will have to leave Kimi alone.
  • Kimi Raikkonen's reason for missing the ceremony to commemorate Michael Schumacher's (then) final race: "I was having a shit."
    • The reporter's reply: "obviously you'll have a nice light car on the grid, then."
  • The 2013 Belgian Grand Prix (a rather dull race) was livened up with some Greenpeace protests and the ensuing controversy. They even had a remote control banner rigged to go off at the podium celebration. The video was posted online - and then taken down by FOM.
  • When Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were still together, a gossip column in the Singapore papers reported that a guy at a Singapore GP party was gushing about how hot Nicole was. Lewis who was passing by and overheard said, "Yeah, I miss her." The guy had no idea he was talking about Lewis' girlfriend and was extremely puzzled.
  • During this interview, David Coulthard gets a bit cheeky with the female interviewer, leaving the show's host sitting there trying to look dignified whilst his co-host sniggers off camera. You wonder if DC lost a bet or something.
  • Renault's V10 engine had such rapid throttle response that its engineers can literally make it sing. Doubles up as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, and made funnier that it's a French engine performing the British national anthem.
  • 1995 in Adelaide, David Coulthard retires... by crashing into the pit lane wall while entering the pits!
  • Martin Brundle interviews Ozzy Osbourne.
  • #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe that popped up when Fernando Alonso's McLaren-Honda once again blew its engine in the qualifying for the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prixnote . People photoshopped Alonso into several pictures, like this: