[[caption-width-right:350:[[SuperDickery Mongul is a dick]].]]

* In the televised version.
-->'''Franchise/WonderWoman''': Bruce, you didn't give him a gift certificate...\\
'''Franchise/{{Batman}}''': ''(indignant)'' ''No''... [[DistinctionWithoutADifference Cash.]]
* A GallowsHumor moment in the original, Batman genetically engineered a new flower, a rose he called The Krypton, stating he's sure no one else would give Superman the same gift. When Jason sees Superman trapped by the flower-like Black Mercy, he asks Bats if he kept the receipt.
* In the original:
-->'''Wonder Woman''': Let's get inside before you two freeze.\\
'''Robin''' ''(pointing out [[LeotardOfPower her outfit]])'': Before ''us'' two freeze? Dressed like ''that''? \\
'''Batman''': Think clean thoughts, chum.
* Superman quickly puts away his Kandor in the span of less than a second to make sure he doesn't hurt Wonder Woman's feelings, since she gave him a replica of Kandor.
* When Jason Todd / Wonder Woman [[spoiler: ''returns'' the Black Mercy]] to Mongul, the former in the comic, the latter in the animated version.
--> '''Jason / Wonder Woman''': I believe this is yours...
** Also counts as a [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome CMoA]].
* Jason going to all the trouble to drag the Black Mercy up to where Superman and Mongul are fighting, only for them to take the fight back to the lower floor right before he gets there.
* Batman's first encounter with Mongul in the televised version.
--> '''Mongul''': I suppose Superman told you all about our previous encounter.
--> '''Batman''': You mean how he humiliated you?
--> '''Mongul''': A, ''[[BlatantLies jaundiced]] account''.
** Works as a StealthPun too. [[DontExplainTheJoke Mongul? Jaundiced? He's yellow.]]