Funny / For Good

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  • Six-year-old Kit Darkmatter. Just the idea of Warp having to put up with a kid cousin is hilarious!
  • XR and his "wrong kind of fashion sense" kind of clash with Erin's ideas of clothing...
  • Ranger volleyball. Rocket Crocket's a pain, as always.
  • Erin and all her quotes. She definitely enjoys sounding like a book of quotes.
  • Most of Chapter 8, as intended. Zurg on a chemical imbalance, a world-weary Warp and a world-weary Buzz... yup.
  • Dorm-teams 76 and 95 get in some good jokes - of course, the girls get in more, since they have more screen-time.
    • Ice's Genre Blindness makes for a Running Gag, and it looks as though the same trait in Eda-Ji-Kep is headed this way.
    • Windy is pretty much Dr. McCoy in college-age, female form, and she enjoys living up to that concept. A little too much. Poor Ricki...
    • "Blue-blooded Space Elf."
  • Booster and XR went missing for a few chapters, but when they came back for a cameo appearance, at least they got in a genuinely comedic moment.

    The One-shots 
  • This:
    Warp: We go through this list every time you leave me in charge, and you’ve left me in charge no fewer than seventy times in the past ten years. I could recite that list in my sleep.
    Zurg: In your sleep? Could I videotape you at night to find out?
  • Drunken hornet.
  • "Windy is pretty scary herself when she's worked up." Ain't it the truth.

    The Roleplay Arc 
  • When Zurg's not being scary or a Manipulative Bastard, he's pretty funny, as befits the canon.
  • As stated in the Heartwarming Entry, Buzz makes for an Adorkable Big Brother, future husband, and dad. Especially when he makes eyes at Mira.
  • Warp tries to get XR to gang up on Mira. It doesn't work.
  • Buzz gets some awesome moments with the other characters with fair regularity. The poor man.
  • Cora is pretty mouthy, but she has her moments.