Funny / Foghorn Leghorn

  • At the end of Little Boy Boo, after Foghorn has suffered one calamity after another while trying to win Miss Prissy's affections by spending the day with her son Egghead Jr.:
    Miss Prissy: But you said you needed my love to keep you warm!
    Foghorn: Madam, I don't need your love! I got, I say I got mah bandages to keep me warm! [Limps off in crutches and a full body cast.]
  • Foghorn playing hide-and-seek with Egghead Jr. Foghorn hides inside the feedbox, saying to himself "that boy'd hafta use a slide rule to find me in heah!" Egghead Jr., after consulting his slide rule of course, takes a shovel and digs Foghorn out of the ground, yards away from the feedbox. Foghorn, utterly flabbergasted, walks over to the feedbox but stops short:
    Foghorn: No, I better not look. I just might be in there!
  • The Geico commercial. Foghorn starts improvising while performing an audio book of A Tale of Two Cities, and it ends with Henery Hawk getting his club ready. Sounds of a thrashing are heard over the end.