Funny / Flushed Away

  • "Okay men, to action!" "WE SURRENDER!!!!" "No! Not that one, you idiots! The kung fu thing!"
  • The entire opening scene of Roddy in his house, from the subtle shout-outs to the various ways in which the dolls are mutilated.
  • Roddy's freak-out when he first arrives in the sewer.
  • The goldfish. That is all.
  • The slugs providing spooky background music.
    • "Beware, beware!"
    • And the piece of dialogue that comes before it.
    Pegleg: (voice echo) And remember, the name of the boat's the Jammy Dodger.
    Roddy: Uh, thanks for bringing me this far. (cut to reveal Pegleg holding a water bottle like a speakerphone)
    Pegleg: (into the water bottle) You're welcome!
  • Toad's treasure room, especially when he gets to talking about the ruby.
  • Spike and Whitey try to use the zipline to follow Roddy and Rita, but it breaks, sending them falling.
    Spike: Keep your legs straight when you hit the water!
    (Whitey lands safely in the water, while Spike hits a cement stone)
    Whitey: I kept me legs straight, Spike.
    (Spike groans in pain. Then a power cord lands on him.)
    Spike: Ouch!
  • Rita's grandmother, who believes Roddy to be Tom Jones.
  • "Your hair's on fire."
  • "Ice-Cold Rita."
    • Even better, that song was improvised. Roddy was supposed to sing something else, but for whatever reason that song was unavailable. So Hugh Jackman just grabbed a guitar and made that one up on the spot.
  • All of Le Frog's lines. All of them.
    • By extension, Marcel the Mime.
  • Rita's brother: "He's gonna steal your boat." *she doesn't listen* "He's stealing your boat." *insists he won't* "He stole your boat."
  • When Whitey says he likes happy endings, Spike says, "You've gone soft! I like unhappy endings with lots of violence!" He then gets hit by the wine cork and Whitey asks him, "Are you happy now, Spike?"
    • What makes it even more hilarious is how Whitey delivers the line. It's not sarcastic at all. He's in total Sincerity Mode, wondering if Spike is more happy with the ending.
  • The entire exchange between Whitey and Spike, in which Spike tells Whitey that it's un-hitman-like to wear mittens, and Whitey teases Spike about having "lady's hands".
  • After the huge wave that threatened to wash away the mouse city is frozen, and everymouse is cheering, we see a frustrated surfer, who angrilly throws down his surfboard, because he didn't get to ride the wave. Unlike the slugs, who did!
  • One slug to another: "High Five!" (Beat) "Oh... Yeah..."
  • During the chase scene, a couple of rats follow Roddy and Rita on electrical appliances like egg beaters acting as motor-boats. One rat was particularly unlucky or stupid enough to use a toaster, promptly electrocuting himself before the chase could begin.
  • When Roddy and Rita are tied together, trying to escape.
    "There's a paper clip in me back pocket. See if you can fish it out. (Shrieks, grates her teeth) In the POCKET!! In the POCKET!!"

  • When Thimble-Nose Ted reports to Spike and Whitey that Roddy & Rita are heading west to Kensington
    Spike: Bingo!
    Whitey: Scrabble!
    Spike: Enough games! To the Ratmobiles!
  • When Le Frog finally holds out the cable to the Toad.
    Toad: It's mine! (laughs maniacally for about half a minute)
    Le Frog: (annoyed) Just TAKE it!
  • The Toad monologuing to his legions of tadpoles, switching between a cutesy baby voice—including referring to the rats' fate as "they'll all be deady-weady"—and a booming evil voice. And then accidentally using the baby voice when the henchmen return. Then the Toad explains to Spike and Whitey that he wants them to retrieve the Cable that Rita took.
    Toad: Poor Daddy! Surrounded by filthy rats in this JOYLESS, SUNLESS VOID!! But don't worry, little men...Daddy will GET RID OF THEM ALL! He will. They'll all be deady-weady. [Kisses the tank, then hides the tank just as Spike and Whitey return; baby voice] Did you find it?
    Spike: Huh?
    Toad: [angered] Grr! Did you find it?!
    Spike: Well, we got most of it, Boss. (he and Whitey hold up the shattered fake ruby)
    Toad: (slaps ruby away) FORGET THE RUBY!!! It's the master cable that I want! The one that grubby creature Rita took!
    Spike & Whitey: Oh...
    Toad: Without it, my plan is ruined! (leans towards into Spike and Whitey, nearly pushing them off the balcony)
    Spike: OK, chief. Forget the ruby. Ruby's gone. See? See? Moving on. We are now your cable guys.
    Whitey: Focused. Cable-centric, Boss.
    Toad: You need to be back in time for the World Cup Final.
    Spike: Oh, GREAT! Are we watching the game together?
    (The Toad growls angrily)
    Toad: JUST...GET...THE CABLE!!!
    [kicks Spike and Whitey out the window]
    Whitey: Keep your legs straight!
    • What's even funnier you can just hear Ian McKellen shifting from his Large Ham tendencies to a babyish voice in just one take.

  • When Roddy meets Whitey and Spike for the first time, and Spike is searching for the stolen ruby on Rita's boat:
    Spike: It's here, I know it is! I can feel it in me guts...
    Whitey: That'll be last night's curry, Spike. I feel it too- I got a bum like a Japanese flag.
  • "The booty's in the booty."
  • The Persuader scene.
  • The cockroach living behind Rita's family's stove is reading The Metamorphisis. In French.
  • As Spike and Whitey chase Roddy down the dock.
    Spike: Targets at 12:00!
    Whitey: (looks at his watch, confused)
    Spike: (yanks him by the arm) Oh, COME ON!
  • Le Frog's Henchfrogs assemble
    Le Frog: "HENCHFROGS! We have a mission! We leave immediately!" (Waddles out)
    Henchfrog: "What about dinner?" (Le Frog comes back)
    Le Frog: "We five hours."
  • (Doubles as an Awesome) When Roddy notices that Spike is about to be yanked off the Jammy Dodger when his cord stretches to his limit
    Spike: Any last requests?
    Roddy: Yes, yes. Could you fly, quite suddenly, off the boat, screaming like a girl?
    Spike: What? [does exactly that]