Funny: Flight of the Navigator

  • David's brother jumps out and scares David.
  • The 'I Get Around' scene, Max and the Puckmarin dance really well.
  • What Max says to the "geeks". "Try to make your directions clear because we get lost easy."
  • The explanation behind Max's crash. "You crashed while looking at FLOWERS?"
  • When Max tells David the ship should preform a particular maneuver in order to escape the NASA goons.
    "Okay, but if anyone asks. It was your idea."
  • "Take us twenty miles from here."
  • Max and David's friendly banter after Max downloads the stored navigational data from David's brain.
    David: You sound just like a human!
    David: Buttface!
    Max: Scuz-bucket! Ha-ha!
  • Max picking on poor Big Al. "Hey, blimpo... too many Twinkies. Onk Onk!"
  • "See ya later, Navigator!"
  • "He just wanted to phone home."
  • The security guards in the spaceship hangar have to read an instruction manual on what to do in case of an intrusion.