Funny / Flight of the Navigator

  • David's brother jumps down from the trees and scares David.
    Jeff: Gotcha! Gotcha! (runs off)
    David: I'll kill you! (runs after him until he heard Bruiser bark)
  • The "I Get Around" scene, Max and the Puckmarin dance really well.
  • What Max says to the "geeks".
    "Try to make your directions clear, because we get lost easy."
  • The explanation behind Max's crash: "You crashed while looking at FLOWERS?"
  • David trying to hit a switch on the navigator seat and accidentally mashing down on the Puckmarin. It's "WTF!?" reaction says it all.
  • When Max tells David the ship should preform a particular maneuver in order to escape the NASA goons.
    David: Okay, let's do that. But if anyone asks, you're the one that did it, okay?
  • "Take us twenty miles from here."
  • "See ya later, Navigator!"
  • Max and David's friendly banter after Max downloads the stored navigational data from David's brain.
    David: You sound just like a human!
    David: Buttface!
    Max: Scuz-bucket! Ha-ha!
  • Max picking on poor Big Al.
    Max: Hey, blimpo... too many Twinkies. Oink Oink!
    • How about the fact that when Big Al sees Max and David pull into his shop, he stops dead in his tracks and stares. He doesn't move an inch or stop looking, not even when he hands David some change or some tourists check out the ship. Only when the duo take off again does he speak.
    "He just wanted to phone home."
  • The security guards in the spaceship hangar have to read an instruction manual on what to do in case of an intrusion.
  • "Does this leak?" "I don't not leak. You leak, remember?"
  • One of the alien creatures gets the NASA hat off of David's head. Then belches.
  • The NASA goons at David's house gleefully watching The Price Is Right.
    The short lived evening version of the Price Is Right starring Tom Kennedy with Johnny Olson announcing right before he died.
  • David's reaction to RALF barging into his room: he tries to make him stop with the newfangled TV remote control.
  • After Max takes the ship underwater.
    David: Does this thing leak?
    Max: I do not leak. You leak, remember?