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Funny: Flavor of Love
  • For some, it's New York reaction before and after getting spat on by Pumpkin.
    New York: Slap me, Bitch. Slap me!(After getting spat on) Did you just put your motherfucking hands on me?!
  • There is also the look on Pumpkin's face afterwards when New York pushes her into a camera. If anything it spells "Oh Crap!".
  • When New York purposefully gets into argument with Deelishis before her date with Flav to get her worked up.
    New York: Can I ask you a question? Did I or did I not... just fuck up your date?(skips away while laughing manically)
  • When Saaphyri decides to pray to calm her self down and H-Town continues to insult her.
    Saaphyri: Girl you better quit interrupting my prayers or God is gonna direct me to whoop your ass.
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