Funny / Flashpoint

Funny moments for the comic book Flashpoint:

  • Frankenstein facing off against a Nazi superhero guarding Hitler's bunker. The exchange goes as such:
    Nazi Superman: Come to me, jigsaw man! Come feel the strength and glory of the motherland squeeze the life from your-
    Frankenstein: Shut up. *Stabs him dead with The Sword of Michael*
  • Element Woman introducing herself in the fourth issue:
    Element Woman: My name's Emily Sung, but my top secret code name is Element Woman! Anyone want a juice box? I brought extra.
  • Barry getting stuck in traffic driving to Wayne Manor. He looks at the truck in front of him, which has a bumper sticker reading "I Brake For Nobody" and slams him head against the car horn. You can tell he's not used to having to travel so slowly.

Funny moments for the TV series Flashpoint:

  • In "First in Line" when Sam continuously advocated gung ho solutions to a hostage situation, Ed finally gets fed up and grabs a map of the building they're in.
    Ed: There's something I need you to do. Alright, see these stairs here, that's where we came in, alright? I need you to make a reverse entry. Go across this hallway. These doors here, I need you to go through them. Now be careful, 'cause that is a big road. I want you to cross it, I want you to make an entry into this Timmy's, get a double double. Jules?
    Jules: Cream, no sugar.
    Ed: Spike?
    Spike: No, I'm good.
    Sam: You serious?
    Jules: (Once he leaves) We went all coffee-shop on his ass.
  • In "Last Dance" when the team had to work overtime, some members called their wives/girlfriends/loved ones to tell them they would be late coming home. Lewis gets a call from Spike who was standing not ten feet away from him.
    Spike: Hey Lou, I'm gonna be late coming home.
    Lou: Aw it's okay. At least you called.
  • In Attention Shoppers, Spike and Parker's reaction to the vague and conflicting witness statements the team is getting in regards to a mall shooting.
    Wordy: Boss, witnesses saw teenagers bolt out of a restroom and up the stairs.
    Spike: Three teenage girls, four teenage girls, three girls and a boy...could be seven orangutans.
    Parker: How about a little less information and a little more intelligence?
  • "Clean Hands" reveals something that Ed is afraid of.
    Delia Semple: Not a bad vacation for the guys who get to fly over at least.
    Parker: Well, if you like jumping over the ocean in a metal coffin, sure.
    Delia Semple: There’s something you guys are actually afraid of!
    Parker: You know what, we all have our weak spots. Could be anything. Flying. Cats.
    (Parker looks at Eddie)
    Spike: I was there, it was mean.
    • Later on:
      Parker: Sorry about that cat thing.
      Eddie: We’ll talk about that later!
      (Parker laughs)
  • There is something very adorable whenever anyone talks to and about Babycakes.
    Parker: Babycakes, how are you?
    Spike: Frickin' shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all morning.
    Ed: Price of love, Spike.
    Spike: Yeah she didn't even make me breakfast.
    Parker: Say good bye to your girlfriend. Briefing room, five minutes.
  • In "Element of Surprise", this ensuing conversation as the team was getting ready to bust a drug dealer:
    Parker: (referring to the undercover cop) What's his in?
    Naismith: He's worked his way up through the ranks over the past eight months from a lowlife to mid-level runner. Trust factor's pretty high, so Asshat's giving Geddes a slice to sell to the neighborhood kids.
    (after Naismith leaves)
    Parker: Did he say "asshat?"
    Ed: He said "asshat."
  • In the finale, Spike needs acetone to defuse a bomb, so he rushes outside and breathlessly asks if anyone has nail polish remover (acetone is a common ingredient in this product). Peoples' initial reaction is to stare at him like he's crazy and he has to yell, "I'm serious!"
  • A retroactive funny: watching the first episode of the series and witnessing Sam's botched initial introduction to the team can illicit a few laughs.
    • Not to mention the value of a little Gilbert and Sullivan singing to placate an annoyed wife for missing her parent's 40th Anniversary.