Funny / Flame of Recca

  • Chapter 193. Domon vs. Kirin.
  • Domon imitating Kagerou.
  • Fuuko promising to KISS Domon... only to push Koganei to kiss him, much to Koganei's ultimate horror.
  • In the manga, when the audience of UBS start badmouthing team Kuu for 'losing to a bunch of kids', Kuukai just calmly orders a tissue from Saichou, snooze and nonchalantly offers the tissue to the referee. It was funny on its own, but the anime, for its bad raps, managed to ramp this scene's funniness up: Kuukai didn't order tissue, he took a deep breath, pulling a large cloth like trying to equip a long Hachimaki while reciting something... just to pull a bait-and-switch and sneeze with the whole cloth.
  • Recca didn't take Ouka's explanation that he's going to be the useless ninth dragon if he fails.
    Ouka: You'll be without powers and become the most useless dragon — Hey, stop beating up your own dad!!
  • How Recca finally 'subdued' the illusionary dragon Rui. First Rui turns into Kokuu, and the old man joins in the trial, asking Recca which one's the real old man. Recca's solution? Pull out a photo of Fuuko in her undies. And when one Kokuu just rushes in to snatch the photo, Recca smacks him away and deduces that the one charging in must be Rui, because the real Kokuu's reaction should be... masturbating right on spot. And the old man's really doing it.
  • When Mikoto would step up as the next Uruha Kurenai fighter, Neon started noting how much she disliked Mikoto right off bat, with Raiha stoically agreeing. Then cue Fuuko announcing herself as Hokage's next fighter, and Raiha completely drops his stoic attitude and Squees cheering on Fuuko, much to Neon's annoyance.
  • When Koganei enters Hell or Heaven, he is confronted by Joker, who wants a rematch. After getting Koganei still long enough to explain why he wants the rematch, and how Hokage and Uruha are still enemies, Koganei agrees and looks to ready for a fight... And then runs away, shouting "Bye!" and declaring that he doesn't care, much to Joker's shock.