Funny: First Try Series

  • Konohamaru is contemplating how much more interesting a mentor Naruto is and how his lessons were never boring. Mizuko thinks about Naruto when he hears that Naruto participated in the slaughter of an upstart village. Naruto sneezes and thinks someone is talking about him and then realizes he got bit a by a snake.
  • After Zabuza marries the new Mizukage, Mei, in Team 7, Haku is keeping watch outside their door when he hears a... shout. Misinterpreting, he bursts in, only to be greeted with this exchange:
    Zabuza: Haku.
    Haku: Yes?
    Zabuza: Get. Out.
  • When Tetsuo is reminiscing on his students' pass cons.
    Tetsuo: I can't believe Naruto was able to con that ninja out of 20000 ryo with a chalkboard eraser and string.
    Iwa Academy instructor: Best money I ever spent.
  • In Shippudden, Sakura is rejected by a genetist to become the mother of Sasuke's children by him taking one good look and replying, "That's natural?!" (He's talking about her hair colour).
  • Insane Troll Logic at its best, reading Sasuke's thought process in chapter 2 of Team Tetsuo as he reclassifies Naruto as an Itachi level genius is absolutely hilarious.
  • Danzo's musings on having to deal with Barako Haruno:
    If it weren't for what Sarutobi would do to him if he ordered the assassination of random Konoha civilians because they'd bothered him, he would have given the kill order when he'd gone for his coffee rather than rather liberally laced it with alcohol. It was a pity that Konoha didn't follow the example of some other villages he could name and impose a fine for the killing of a civilian rather than jail time. He could run ROOT from prison if he had to, but it would be damned incomvenient.
  • In Team 7, a pair of Iwa ninja in Wave find out that someone stole their tent. So they start search it, they found it... And discovers in horror it's the 'free tent' scored by Kisame and Itachi earlier in the chapter. At which point they ask where they can find another, with Itachi giving them directions to a camp left unattended.
    • They later reach the camp, but the owners, two Suna nin, have returned and, after capturing them, demand the restitution of their stolen radio and supplies. They don't have them, but know who actually stole them: Kisame and Itachi, who are now listening the broadcast of the Chunin Exams. When they see it, the Suna nin try and dispel what has to be a genjutsu, but see it's not:
    Itachi: "Quiet. My brother's up next."
    • Unofficial Shinobi Supply Rule Number 1: any supply left unattended is fair game.
  • From Shippuden, Danzo's attempt at getting a child created with Sasuke's sperm emotionally attached to him.
  • In Team Tetsuo, this is how Danzo reacts to learning Sarutobi is reworking the Academy textbooks:
    Danzo: "So, no more of that kittens and butterflies crap you've been promoting for the last decade?", sounding almost hopeful.
    Sarutobi: "Kittens and butterflies?! As soon as I find that bastard who keeps putting the Academy texts on my desk when I've got three feet of paperwork that needed to be seen to yesterday waiting for me, I'm going to strangle him."