Funny: Fire Emblem Jugdral

  • "You ever see a little girl with THESE before!?"
  • Patty, despite being chased by a horde of Loptyr priests and Shanan for having the Balmug, will still stop right in the middle of the desert to Squee over the latter once she realizes who he is.
    Patty: Hey! You're not Prince Shanan of Isaac, are ya?
    Shanan: ...Yes, I am.
    Patty: Whoa! Really!? Oh my gosh... I can't believe it!
    Patty: I have been an admirer for so long! I always dreamed of meeting you, but never did I...
    Shanan: Ahem...
    Patty: I just can't believe it! I must be dreaming!
  • Have Sylvia and Claude speak in Chapter 4, and he'll ask her if she's run afoul of bandits because "you appear to be running around in your underwear".

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