Funny / Fire Emblem Jugdral

  • "You ever see a little girl with THESE before!?"
  • Patty, despite being chased by a horde of Loptyr priests and Shanan for having the Balmug, will still stop right in the middle of the desert to Squee! over the latter once she realizes who he is.
    Patty: Hey! You're not Prince Shanan of Isaac, are ya?
    Shanan: ...Yes, I am.
    Patty: Whoa! Really!? Oh my gosh... I can't believe it!
    Patty: I have been an admirer for so long! I always dreamed of meeting you, but never did I...
    Shanan: Ahem...
    Patty: I just can't believe it! I must be dreaming!
    • The Nea Fuyuki adaptation is pretty funny, too: It starts off with Shanan listening to Cutozo talk to the other Dark Mages about eliminating Seliph from a distance. You go to the next page and Patty is suddenly right behind Shanan. While he's dealing with the Dark Mages, she starts to sneak off with Balmung. When Shanan snatches it from her, she freaks out.
      Patty: Kyah! No!! I'll be ruined for marriage!
      Shanan: Stop being silly! I didn't touch anything!
    • If she speaks to Seliph later, she introduces herself as Shanan's girlfriend. Seliph immediately calls her out.
  • If Sylvia and Claude speak in Chapter 4, he'll ask her if she's run afoul of bandits because "you appear to be running around in your underwear".
  • Sylvia and Alec's lover conversation in Chapter 5 strongly hints at a Shotgun Wedding.
    Alec: C'mon, Sylvia. You gotta start actin' a bit more grown up. You are a full-blown mother now.
    Sylvia: Don't talk to me like you're my father or somethin'! It was all your fault anyway.
    Alec: Hey now! I think the, ah... willingness on both sides led to our little surprise, don't you?
  • In Chapter 26 of the Nuts Fujimori manga, Ferry demands to know who Shanan is. When Arden reveals his identity, Ferry is shocked... and immediately wonders if Sigurd is gathering all the princes in the world for a harem.
  • In the Oosawa manga, Lester and Delmud show up to save Adean and her abbey from Dozelian tropes. Then Lester's mother Adean sees him. Hilarity ensues.