Funny / Finder Series

  • During the New Year special issue when Akihito kept drunk dialing Asami. The fact that Asami actually got angry at him, as he is usually amused by Akihito's antics made it all the more hilarious.
  • Asami takes Takaba to a bar and Takaba ice cream sundae. Then when he orders the same drink as Asami he awkwardly drinks it with his pinkie raised. Even the stoic-looking bartender can't refrain from laughing.
  • In a short comic accompanying an artbook, Takaba stalks Asami for a full day to record his daily activities. By the end of it Asami finds Takaba fast asleep outside his apartment. Predictably enough, Takaba wakes up in confusion to find himself in a compromising position.
  • The conclusion of the bathhouse short story.