Funny / Fighting Foodons

When you've got a Mons show where the monsters are animate food, it's kind of hard to avoid funny moments.

  • In the first episode, the revelation that the Burnt Meatballs are Chase's only Foodon, and when he begs Oslo to teach him, his sister bonks him over the head. "There are many uses for the common frying pan" indeed!
  • Fried Ricer, a muscular humanoid with two metal spoons the size of riverboat paddles, vs. Puddington, a tiny adorable cylinder of pudding with a little plastic scoop spoon. The fight ends with Fried Ricer kicking the thing into the air, where it explodes for no reason other than to look cool.
    • In addition, Chase is booed and hissed at by the guys in the audience for making his opponent, a pretty girl, cry.
  • Pound Cake (actually a king of seafood dish), an Elvis impersonator who's Pokémon Speak is nothing but The King's famous "Thank you, thank you very much." Its main attack is hitting its opponent with its pompadour, and it does this in succession to Omelet, all the while saying thank you repeatedly.