Funny / 50/50

  • Adam uses medical marijuana to deal with the pain. Kyle's excuse for using it? "I have night blindness."
  • Adam comparing getting patted by Katie to being "slapped by a sea otter"
  • Kyle busting Rachael in front of Adam after he catches her with another guy at an art exhibit.
    Kyle: (showing Adam his evidence on his iPhone) Exhibit...WHORE!!! ... There she is with the Jesus-looking motherfucker! I did it! I fuckin' nailed you! I hated you for months! And now I have proof that you are a horrible person! Holy shit! Holy shit! Nothing? Really?
    • When Rachael is attempting to justify her actions and asks Adam how she's the bad guy, the camera cuts to Kyle who delivers this line:
    Because you're cheating on him while he's sick, you fuckin' lunatic!
  • Adam's first session with Katherine where he notes how young she is.
    Adam: So what are you, like Doogie Houser?
    Katherine: Who?
    Adam: You know, the teenage doctor.
    Katherine: Does he work here?
  • Kyle taking Adam to a night club to pick up girls. He tells Adam to bring up his cancer to get their attention, only to freak a girl out.