Funny / Fate of the Jedi

  • In Backlash, Ben starts to go off on an Inner Monologue about how Jacen, the Nightsisters, and the Sith only value their own needs, only to have Vestara interrupt him mid-thought to offer him water and exchange snark.
  • Han Solo gains a flamethrower to use against the sparkflies in Backlash. To say that he has fun with it would be an understatement.
  • In the Jedi Academy Trilogy, Han was briefly imprisoned in the spice-mines of Kessel, where he had a near-lethal encounter with the energy spiders that make the spice (as webbing). After he escaped, Lando bought out the spice-mining operation. In Fate of the Jedi: Outcast, Lando mentions he's been trying to expand, but is having difficulties...
    Lando: Efforts to transplant colonies of the energy spiders that produce the stuff haven't been very successful.
    Han: You're trying to get them to survive on other planets?!
    Lando: Yes, but they just stop feeding and dieó
    Han: Good!