Funny / Fate of the Jedi

  • In Backlash, Ben starts to go off on an Inner Monologue about how Jacen, the Nightsisters, and the Sith only value their own needs, only to have Vestara interrupt him mid-thought to offer him water and exchange snark. When he confronts her about her "pack of lies," she tells him that everything she said was either literally true, or at least From a Certain Point of View.
    Vestara: So where, then, is my pack of lies?
    Ben: You just admitted they were a pack of lies.
    Vestara: Maybe I lied.
  • Han Solo gains a flamethrower to use against the sparkflies in Backlash. To say that he has fun with it would be an understatement.
  • In the Jedi Academy Trilogy, Han was briefly imprisoned in the spice-mines of Kessel, where he had a near-lethal encounter with the energy spiders that make the spice (as webbing). After he escaped, Lando bought out the spice-mining operation. In Fate of the Jedi: Outcast, Lando mentions he's been trying to expand, but is having difficulties...
    Lando: Efforts to transplant colonies of the energy spiders that produce the stuff haven't been very successful.
    Han: You're trying to get them to survive on other planets?!
    Lando: Yes, but they just stop feeding and die—
    Han: Good!
  • Luke makes Ben promise to kill him if he falls to the Dark Side...but only if Luke does genuinely evil stuff, not just make him eat his vegetables.
  • Ben and Luke are on Dorin, a helium-rich world. As they leave, Ben takes off his breath mask and inhales a deep breath. He then begins to sing an annoying song in a ridiculously high-pitched voice.
  • ALL the Snark-to-Snark Combat between Luke and Ben deserves mention on this page. Particular examples include:
    Luke: What's one of the first things you learned in training to be a Jedi?
    Ben: Don't cut your own head off with your lightsaber.
    Luke: After that.
    Ben: Your eyes can deceive you. Be mindful of your feelings. Girls are fun but dangerous. Lando has extra cards up his sleeve.
    Luke: Well, the truth is in there somewhere…
    • Also:
    Luke: Ben, what is our purpose as Jedi?
    Ben: Well… to keep the Force in balance and to help people stay in balance with the Force. To detect wrongs and make them right. To serve as models for very attractive lines of boots.
  • Luke notes that Ben and Vestara have plenty to deal decisions, Vestara's killing her father and possibly pulling a Heel–Face Turn, and the galaxy being at risk.
    Jaina: And hormones.
    Luke: And hormones. They have more than enough to deal with.
  • The Refuge in Audacity Luke, Ben, and Vestara pull off when pretending to be pirates:
    Ben: We're cleared to dock on spar three, module eleven. They're requesting our trade manifest.
    Luke: Transmit 'three occupants, combat and insurgency skills.'
    Ben:: That's not even a lie.
    Luke: Sometimes a Jedi must deal with the disappointment of having to tell the truth.
  • Though Ben and Vestara's relationship is mostly a mixture of heartwarming and tearjerker moments, there's plenty of humour as well:
    Vestara: Ben, I can see why Ship was drawn to you. There's the making of a fine Sith in you, you know that?
    Ben: Let us not devolve into insults.
    • Then she throws a fruit at him.
  • At another point, they're snuggling together, and Vestara admits that she's nervous to meet the Jedi, having grown up as a Sith.
    Ben:You're about to meet a whole bunch of people who not long ago were your sworn enemies and say, Hi there, I used to be Sith but not anymore. It's okay because I'm dating the most amazing, best-looking, smartest Jedi in the—ow!
    Vestara: Don't get cocky.
  • As an April Fools Day joke once Apocalypse was finished, Timothy Zahn wrote a short story called "An Apology", in which it's revealed that Luke has actually been the clone Luuke Skywalker ever since the Thrawn Trilogy. It gets increasingly ridiculous from there, involving time travel and further clones (including Luuuke and Streeen). And of course there's the reveal that he's actually hated hot chocolate this entire time. It's such a Mind Screw that even Luuke isn't entirely sure what's going as he has long since lost track of how many times they've had Boba Fett cloned.